VisDoc – creates browsable HTML documentation from ActionScript class files

VisDoc is a code documentation generator for flash ActionScript 2.0, 3.0 and Java class files. it allow you to create browsable HTML documentation from ActionScript 2.0 class files. VisDoc’s core is written in Perl. It interprets source code and javadoc comments and generates HTML documentation using XSL templates.

VisDoc integrates a smart processor to parse class files – you don’t need to prepare or rewrite your classes. Even if you don’t use doc comments, you can generate handy class documentation with a Table of Contents. The browsable HTML documentation pages are formatted with editable templates (XSL and CSS). Just customize to have your own layout and style.

Mac users can use the application, written in Cocoa framework. Other platforms can use VisDoc using the command line. To create applications on Windows and Linux.


  • Universal Binary
  • Parses methods, properties, class type, superclasses, interfaces
  • Groups Class methods, Instance methods, Event handlers, Class properties, Constants and Instance properties
  • Creates overview pages of classes, methods, properties, constants and deprecated members.
  • Processes multiple documents, multiple folders, recursively
  • Recognizes duplicate files (duplicate class paths) – only uses the newest
  • No additional markup needed: @class, @method and @property tags are not required
  • Support for html formatted text inside doc comments
  • Cleanly designed default layout of documentation
  • XSL and CSS are editable within the app
  • Edit your custom CSS and XSL styles in the application

Download: Visdoc