Wallaby – Convert Adobe Flash files into HTML5

The recent innovation by Adobe flash, Wallaby, is a tool that converts Adobe Flash files into HTML 5 supported files. Using this application, the animations and works of art, which are supported by flash, can also be viewed in HTML 5 files. That means the flash based files can be viewed in those devices that are not supported by flash.

The experimental yet a very useful tool by Adobe, Wallaby, converts the Adobe Flash files into HTML 5 files, Java Script, CSS files, easily. This helps the users to view Flash artworks and technically developed animations in their devices without installing Adobe flash.

This also helps the users to share their creation to those who do not have an Adobe Flash supporting device. As the users convert the flash files into HTML pages, they can also custom-edit them using the HTML editing application –Adobe Dreamweaver or can simply click & edit.

The tool also helps the users to develop websites and web pages using Adobe Flash and can also convert them into HTML format. The conversion also insures the converted file, i.e., HTML file runs in almost every Operating System. Wallaby is also free to download on trial basis for Windows and MAC.

Features of Wallaby

  1. Easy conversion- The application easily converts Adobe Flash files into HTML 5 files.
  2. Powered by Adobe- Wallaby application is powered by Adobe and hence has plenty of Adobe’s features.
  3. Used for viewing browsers which are Webkit-based – The application conversion is used to view browsers that are Webkit-based.
  4. Flash files can be viewed in any device- Using this application, the artworks and technically developed animations of Adobe Flash files can be easily on any device which does not support Adobe Flash.
  5. No need to install Adobe Flash to view the Flash-based files- The users need not to install Adobe Flash to view the Flash-based files. With Wallaby, the users can view flash files via HTML.
  6. Transforms to OS friendly HTML formats- The application is compatible with almost all Operating Systems, and can convert the Flash files into HTML formats which are Operating System friendly and can work on almost any Operating System.
  7. Converted HTML files can also be edited- The users of this application can not only convert the Adobe Flash files into HTML files, but also can edit those HTML files using Adobe Dreamweaver or by simply clicking on it.
  8. Single click application- The application is based on a simple idea to extend the reach of Adobe Flash and thus, has a very user friendly interface. A single click or a tap on a button can do all the task of converting.
  9. Helps in creating sites- The application helps the website designers to build a site in Adobe Flash, which are automatically transformed into web pages.
  10. Free to download- The application has launched with its trial version which is free to download for MAC and Windows users.

Adobe’s newly launched application, Wallaby, is a very useful tool for the professional website developers and other users who want to share their artwork to people who do not have a Flash support.

Download : Wallaby