Webby chat- live chat room for your website

Webby chat is an amazing software for live chat. A live chat is a great way to connect to your existing or potential customers. Webby chat simplifies the notion of live chat. It has basic features and anyone can handle this software without much effort. It is becoming very popular as the usefulness of live chat is coming into picture. Webby chat is the ideal solution if you want to build a stable relationship with your customers.

Using Webby chat you can let your users chat across the whole site. Flipping pages as you chat is allowed. It has a lot of customization options to make your chats attractive and live. Colors can be modified according to your preference. You can select your group of users. It is easy to relay real time messages. There are also options that let only you speak. You can prevent spammers from entering your chat using the anti-flood control options.

It has a simple user interface to make immediate communication is easy. Webby chat allows your visitors to assist each other. They can give feedbacks on your products. You can create representatives in your chat room. You can also view which page your visitor is currently viewing. Is currently in its beta state and is still being developed. It has a free version. The paid version costs from $10 to $70 a month. The number of chatters varies form 10 to 400.

Features of Webby chat

  1. Webby chat does not allow cluttering of your chat rooms with advertisements. Webby chat makes live chat quick and interactive.
  2. The Avatar creation system lets users create an online avatar for them. This avatar appears in the central chat window. There are also special room powers that can be displayed on each user’s profile.
  3. Chatting is allowed in any language. But webby chat translates the content into on of the following languages- English, Spanish, Turkish, French, Italian, Hebrew, Polish.
  4. You can opt for an added feature which allows you to classify users according to preferred chat rooms.
  5. Webby chat is adept at handling visitors with a spam identity.
  6. Webby chat allows creation of new chat rooms if old rooms are full in large websites. You can control your own “full” level. Once this level is attained new chat rooms are inserted automatically.
  7. You can play various drum beats to reach out to your visitors. You can also allow your visitors to play different drum sounds.
  8. Webby chat allows a whistle to be heard if someone takes your name in the chat window.
  9. Webby chat delivers timely notifications to keep your constantly updated. It alerts you through the sound of a doorbell when a user enters a chat room and the sound of a door being shut is heard when a user leaves. You can also turn off this option.

Webby chat is the ideal solution if you want to include the live chat option on your website. Its simple features make it attractive to a vast category of users.

Download : Webby chat