Wikia online Collaborative Publishing Platform

Wikia is a online collaborative publishing platform that allow user to create, manage and share wikis on their favourite topics.

it’s an community created wikis where everyone can share their knowledge with other user on their favourite topics from the latest video games, music, TV shows, animations, cooking recipes to web development tutorials and many more.

Each and every wiki can be customised as per your topic requirement. you can create special unique design and style for your wiki. it also have built in Search Bar that help you to find specific topics within the Wiki.

A user friendly interface allow you to easily edit and update your wiki and monitor each and every logs and previous edit of your wiki.

Currently wikia platform have more then 200,000 knowledgeable and passionate wikis related to video games, TV shows and movies to food, fashion, and current events created by various community members.

Wikia is a free wiki platform which use wiki technology that doesn’t required log in to your wikia platform to browse the user created wikis. Anyone can create free wiki account and start ready to use all current features of Wikia.

Features of Wikia

  1. Free Collaborative publishing platform
  2. Create free wiki pages for any Topic
  3. Easy to log in with Facebook Connect
  4. Customizable Wiki background
  5. built in Search tool to find specific articles and wikis
  6. Free web hosting service for Wikis
  7. Page permission, ACL, Host blocking, Mail encryption, blacklist security features
  8. Unlimited Page Revisions and History
  9. Unicode Support
  10. Right to left Support
  11. Free links, Backlinks, Interwiki and SisterWiki and many more
  12. Syntax features
  13. Usability features such as section editing, Double Click edit, WYSIWYG Editing and Access Keys

Download : Wikia

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