Windows 7 UI and Windows Aero for Websites

After the successful launch of Popular plugin "Window Aero for jQuery". Here is another one brand new jQuery plugin Window 7 UI & Windows Aero for jQuery that offer premium visual experience of Windows 7 for websites like Windows Aero style, desktop icons, a Windows taskbar and Start menu.

The main difference between the new and the old plugin is offered numerous additional GUI elements such as Taskbar, desktop icons, start menu. Similarly, a number of very powerful new features and numerous technical innovations have been added into new Plugin.

Features of Windows 7 UI and Windows Aero for JQuery

  1. Live animated Aero Glossy look (see header when moving)
  2. Double support in Windows (maximize, zoom out)
  3. Active window is highlighted visually, as in Windows
  4. User seamlessly scalable window size
  5. Sliding window by mouse dragging
  6. Mouse dragging maximized windows in the original window size is restored
  7. + Animated changing the window size
  8. + Multiple configuration options
  9. Desktop icons can optionally create automatically for every window
  10. Moveable desktop icons by dragging mouse
  11. Highlighted desktop icon is highlighted visually, as in Windows
  12. Double support in Windows (opening windows, Focusing of windows)
  13. Label is needed for automated reduction
  14. Desktop Display button can be transparent to all windows
  15. Provides icons for open windows in the taskbar as
  16. Icon in the taskbar are interactive (minimize windows, focusing, restore window)
  17. Active Fesnter is highlighted in the taskbar
  18. Interactive start menu
  19. Easy to hide taskbar if needed
  20. Easy to customize Window Title, icon, Start Position X / Y and Size
  21. Status at the open window (minimized, maximized, normal, closed)
  22. 30 different  types of Window animation
  23. Window generation by mouse events and JavaScript function calls
  24. Window generated by regular HTML links
  25. Special window for displaying images and photos
  26. Window contents: HTML, iframes, external sites, videos, images, text …

Download : Windows 7 UI & Windows Aero for jQuery
Demo : Online Demo of Windows 7 UI & Windows Aero for jQuery