Wrike – web based project tracking and planning tool

Wrike is a full-featured, easy-to-use web based project tracking and planning tool which help you to save time on planning, processing, tracking and completing of your projects. it offers a new approach to Web collaboration based on email communication which makes it your project planning and management more easier and quicker.

it’s has Ajaxed user interface, where user can see updates in his/her projects made by other people without the need to reload the Web pages. You can share your projects with your stakeholders, clients and partners within their common workspace, and get them involved in the online collaboration. Where viewers can view tasks, receive notifications about changes and mark tasks as completed. Collaborators can create and edit tasks from emails, view and update project plans and Managers have task version control, can create templates, build task dependencies and run reports with 5 GB of file storage.

It is the ideal project management and collaboration tool for people separated by vast distances and time-zones. It also can be the perfect time tracking and project planning tool for team members working in one office. features includes creation of tasks from emails, time-tracking, unlimited task-sharing, wiki-style task-editing, support for RSS & iCal feeds, Microsoft Excel import and export, printable Gantt charts and reports, filtering, task and folder tagging, customizable folder structure, Real-time cross-project reports, provide 256-bit SSL data encryption.

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