K1 Smart Lock Box – Best Lockbox for Storing Keys

YEEUU K1 is an ultimate Smart Lock Box with fingerprint, password, remote access, and in-app management for any rental houses, condo, shops, and family.

This is a perfect key exchange device that reduces the need to copy additional keys or replace keys.

Protected by 128-bit encryption, it gives you the flexibility to share your keys safely and easily manage your property access control.

Specially designed for Airbnb hosts, paying guest houses, condo and property managers or homeowners.

No need to be there to share your keys with your guest, just open your K1 smartphone app and share your password with guests remotely at any time, day or night.

K1 Smart Lock Box provides a modern solution for hosts and a better experience for guests.

With the K1 smart lockbox, you will never be locked out again and can enjoy safe, reliable access for employees, friends, and family members.

The Grant Permission feature allows the owner to grant access permission to a visitor with a set period of validity.

that gives you access to the smart lockbox utilizing their own phone for a certain period of time.

This totally remote feature saves time for the owner and gives a convenient experience for the guest.


  1. Dynamic Password
  2. Temporary password with a set time window
  3. Grant Permission In-App
  4. Fingerprint Access
  5. Permanent Password
  6. User Management
  7. Access Log
  8. Protected by AES 128 Bit Encryption
  9. Hackproof smart lockbox
  10. Energy efficient
  11. Two forms of installation to fit any home

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