Zeam Launcher – A minimalistic and lightweight App launcher for Android

Zeam Launcher is a lightweight, minimalistic home screen launcher for android smartphones. It’s an perfect alternative for native app launcher for android.

Features of Zeam Launcher

  1. Unique 7 Home Screen
  2. Full screen mode which removes the status bar
  3. Default screen configurable
  4. Provide Support for Live wallpaper on Android
  5. Screen looping (on / off)
  6. Elastic (overshoot) screen scrolling
  7. Screen indicator (slider or dots)
  8. Screen content grid configurable (rows / columns)
  9. Screen wallpaper scrolling
  10. Screen pinch previews
  11. Screen icon labels can be hidden
  12. Screen widget size spanning configurable
  13. Custom shortcut for selector colors
  14. Unlimited drag ‘n drop arrangeable scrollable dock
  15. Dock default backgrounds and item alignment (start, center, end)
  16. Dock item spacing (small, medium, large) and item reset (start, center, end)
  17. Apps grid horizontal paging or vertical scrolling
  18. Apps grid rows / columns configurable
  19. Set the background transparency
  20. Apps grid animation (on / off)
  21. Apps grid remember position (on / off)
  22. Apps grid uninstall mode
  23. Configurable gestures (Swipe up, Swipe down, Home button, and Double tap)
  24. Available action bindings
  25. Open applications
  26. Easy move to default screen
  27. Expand notifications
  28. Screen previews
  29. Toggle full screen mode
  30. Open dialer
  31. Sensor-based rotation for portrait / landscape
  32. Apps grid shortcut icon available as shortcut on screen or in dock
  33. Long hold any app shortcut over trashcan to uninstall app
  34. Ice-cream Sandwich (ICS) hardware acceleration support

Download : Zeam Launcher