zendesk – web based helpdesk and ticketing software

Zendesk is a web based help desk software that has the perfect solution for your problems. It has a smart support ticket system and a customer self-service customer support platform. It is swift, chic and handy. Zendesk aims at making the “help desk” fully independent by allowing any small or large company to grant advanced customer service along with offering authorization to their customers.

Zendesk permits you to enhance the functionality of your software of your help desk software. This helps in efficient integration of the cluster of applications you are currently running. You may use Zendesk helpdesk software integrations or you can implement your own customized ones. There are endless opportunities that you can explore. There are different applications under multiple categories which you can use like Analytics, Application Framework, Chat, CRM, CMS, Ecommerce and many more.

Zendesk is also compatible with new age smart phone devices like Android, Blackberry or iPhone. You can sigh up for the trial version for a period of 30 days. There are three paid versions of the Zendesk Helpdesk software– the Starter, Regular and Plus+. Each of them costs $9, $24, $49 per month respectively. The Plus+ version provides 24 hour phone support by the Zendesk team. There is a step-wise guide available in the official website of Zendesk that teaches you to perform the following operations like set up your Zendesk, manage users, create and submit tickets, save time using macros and triggers and create and leverage a knowledge base. Zendesk has an active support system to assist you if you face any problems while handling the software.

Zendesk APIs allow you to improve the functionalities of Zendesk Helpdesk . It presents multiple options for creating cool and attractive applications. There are 5 APIs for building to build customized applications that match your interest.

  1. Mail API
  2. Rest API
  3. Widgets (Java API)
  4. Remote Authentication
  5. Targets

Features of Zendesk helpdesk software

  1. Easy to get started- Zendesk is ready-to-use once you register with the official website. There is no need to constantly update the software. you can access Zendesk from any device. You can use our setup as a template to modify and design your own support workflow. Your Zendesk account brings with it customer request web forms, complete community architecture, and a knowledge base repository that is ready to use. You just need to add content.
  2. Customer support services- Zendesk lets you provide assistance to your customers through email, web, social media like Twitter, chat, mobile applications and community forums.
  3. Manage your Tickets- Zendesk maintains an inbox for all your company’s documents about communication with customers.
  4. Zendesk allows creation of customized, criteria-based actions on support requirements or execute automated batch tasks at convenient intervals. It manages unanswered support requests and sends reminders to your staff.
  5. Gather feedback and respond- Zendesk invites your community to add ideas for your merchandise, or ways to develop your service.

Zendesk is a simple, classy web based help desk software that seamlessly performs native integration operations with best-of-breed CRM, bug tracking, authentication, project management and social media tools. It allows you to bridge the gap between support and the rest of your organization.

Download : http://www.zendesk.com/