7 Best Android Music Apps

The early days in terms of gadgets portability were used to be very difficult.

In terms of listening to music, they used to have a speaker system like we still have but there was no portable system at that time but soon Sony developed a cassette playing portable music system which changed the whole revolution.

After that came laptops, then iPod or MP3 players, then finally Smartphones the ultimate of all. Not only music but also videos and movies can be watched on this Smartphone (multimedia).

Now there are several MPEG 4 downloading applications in android supporting Smartphones that can download all music on the go.

So let us discuss the Best 5 android applications which can download free music on the go.

All the mentioned applications are available in Google Play or Android Market so you will find them easily.

  1. Gtunes Music

    Gtunes Music lite

    Gtunes Music is an android Music App that downloads Music applications on the go. All the available music is completely legal and free. The Best feature of this Music apps is to create a ringtone out of music and assign it to contacts. Searching music was quite good on this Android Music Apps. Some music had lyrics as well. It displayed Lyrics as the sound goes with perfect timing. However, some music was in remixed form or contained the wrong type of lyrics. Also, it creates a frequency chart of the music as well. Multiple search engines help you to search for unlimited high-quality MP3 music from public domains, such as jamendo.com,7digital.com, Last.fm, and so on. – GTunes Music Lite

  2. Music Paradise

    Music Download Paradise Lite

    Music paradise is much recommended music apps for Android, who like to have free convenient and easy android apps to download music. It has simple, clean, easy to use Graphical UI as well as it is advertisement free android music Apps. Though it is a very basic music downloading application but has got the best music available in its search engine. There was no problem at all in using this application. This is the most promising music apps for Android. – Music Paradise Lite

  3. MP3 Music Box Pro

    MP3 MusicBox Pro - Android Music App

    MP3 Music Box Pro is also like the other music app which would let you download music from its database which consists of millions of songs that are legal. You can directly set the music as ringtone. This application promises to give all of its legal songs for free and also this application does weekly chart updates as well. – MP3 Music Box Pro

  4. Music Download app

    Music Download App

    Music Download App is a very Basic fast android Music apps that run very smoothly and has got no advertisement in it. This application is very simple. It searches the music through other music search engines and sorts it out for us. it also got a nice feature which help you to run Live Lyrics as well. The good thing in this application is that it sorts out according to genre artists and also allows us to create playlists as well. – Music Download

  5. TuneIn Radio Pro

    TuneIn Radio Pro 7

    TuneIn Radio Pro is a new way to browse and listen to music, radio, sports, and news from the web. it has more than 60000 radio stations and 2 million on-media programs in which users can record and store them to your Android phone or tablet. – TuneIn Radio Pro

  6. PlayerPro Music Player

    PlayerPro Music Player - Android Music App

    PlayerPro Music Player

    PlayerPro Music Player is the ultimate music and video player for android. Users can easily search and play your music or video by albums, artists, genres, songs, playlists, folders, and album artists. Easy to customize layout into GRID or list View also change the User interface of the player by using ready to use 14 available Skins. – PlayerPro Music Player

  7. SoundHound

    SoundHound 7 - Android Music App

    SoundHound 7 - Android Music App

    SoundHound is the world’s fastest music recognition and exclusive singing search apps for Android. Users can recognize unlimited music from the web. – SoundHound

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