InFoto – Android Photo Infographic Generator Apps

InFoto is a Photo Infographic Generator Apps for Android. With This Application Android User can easily create beautiful high resolution infographics directly from your Mobile images.

InFoto Android Photo Infographic Generator

With a Single Tab InFoto create a beautiful infographics that visualizes What continents, countries, and even cities you take your photos in, time of day you prefer to take photos, What days of the week, month, and overall days you are most active at taking photos, Other information such as ISO, shutter speed, flash usage, camera orientation, etc..

Android Infographic Generator - infoto

User can easily share their infographics individually or with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Google +, or just save it to your phone.

Android Infographic Generator

Features of InFoto

  1. Visualize : Visualize your android photos into awesome looking high resolution infographics with InFoto!
  2. Analyze : What time of day to you prefer to take photos? Where are your favorite places to snap pics? Have fun finding out with InFoto!
  3. Track : Compare your photo taking habits over time by utilizing the date-range feature.

Download : InFoto [Apple iStore] Homepage : InFoto

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