Android Text editor with Dropbox sync – Epistle

Epistle is a free and open source Android text editor that allow you to edit all your notes which already stored on your Dropbox account. User can easily access them from anywhere by using your Android Smartphone, Create, Edit, share, rename and also delete all your Dropbox notes at anytime from android smartphone over the internet via file synchronization.

Epistle android text editor

Epistle text editor sync with dropbox

When you edit your notes from Dropbox, it give you live preview of your documents so you will get instant result in real time, Also it provide support for Markdown languages.

Features of Epistle

  1. Easy to manage your Notes
  2. Sync all your notes instantly with Dropbox when you start editing and open or close note.
  3. Instantly share your Notes with other apps
  4. Import text Notes from other Apps
  5. Edit or view all your Notes in Full Screen Mode
  6. Get live preview of your Markdown formatted Notes

Download : Epistle text editor

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