7 Best Animoto Alternatives


Recording a video and sharing it with everyone is something all of us have done. No matter what the occasion is, there is always someone holding the camera and recording the happy moments of life but when you talking about video making, I hope everyone has heard about Animoto.

7 Best Animoto Alternatives

If not, then it is the coolest video making software ever. It helps you to create amazing videos while working on the internet. However, there are few alternatives to this software as well which help in enhancing your whole video making experience. So here is the list of the best Animoto alternatives.

  1. One True Media

    The One True Media software is a powerful medium which helps in creating amazing videos. While using it, you will be able to create thousands of different kinds of videos. As we know, there are endless ideas for being creative and here also, you can use all the special effects offered by One True Media. Not only this, you will be able to mix and match your photos and add texts as well as audio tracks to them. You can also post this video online on a number of social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter in high definition. An amazing feature here is that it is absolutely free to record as well as upload videos up to 30 seconds of length. What else does one need, right? – One True Media

  2. FlixTime

    FlixTime enables you to create as well as share amazing videos in no time. Yes, this software is very fast and offers a user friendly interface as well. While using FlixTime, you can mix and create collages in your video or simply put together the photographs taken on a special occasion or a holiday. Apart from just mixing your pictures, you can also mix your favorite music and video here. This app makes sure that nothing is boring around you and definitely helps in spice up your life. Creating your video is absolutely free but you are required to pay if you want to download the video or upload it on social websites like YouTube. The recorded videos stay on the website’s server for the next 48 hours and within this time, you can download them. After this, FlixTime automatically delete your videos from the server. – FlixTime

  3. Stupeflix Studio

    Stupeflix Studio offers an easy to use and user friendly interface for creating your videos. You can mix a number of photos, already recorded videos and music into your new video. The best part is that everything is done within a reasonable number of minutes or seconds. Once you share your Stupeflix Studio made video with your friends and family, you are surely going to be a hero. There are a number of themes available on the website which can be used to give a suitable background for your videos. You can add texts and captions for each and every picture as well. Not only are these, an amazing collection of 130 tracks are being provided to you by this software. But if you want to insert something else, you can also use your own music library. Apart from all this, you can also add maps in your videos to show your destination by simply entering the address. Text- to- speech feature is another attraction of this software. – Stupeflix Studio

  4. Ezvid

    Ezvid is an all in one video making software for all creative people out there. It is free, lightweight and runs amazingly on your Windows operating system. It is one of the best alternatives for Animoto and works as a free movie maker. It is very easy to create videos by including a number of slideshows with captions and texts. All you have to do is drag and drop your videos and photos into the Ezvid timeline. Also, you do not need to wait for your video to be done before uploading it. You can start working from the minute you decided to create an Ezvid video. With just a few clicks and tap, you can add royal music, effects and other features into your videos. Once you are done, you can also give an appropriate title, description, keyword or category to your creation and upload it straight way to YouTube, that too in high definition (HD). – Ezvid

  5. Clip Generator

    Clip Generator help you to add your favorite videos, music and photos in your new video within just a few minutes. An amazing feature is that you do not even have to download this software. Yes, you can create your video online without the need to wait for the software to download and install on your device. It offers a rich blend of designs and contemporary music for creating sensational and emotional videos. It is appropriate for each and every occasion in an individual’s life time. You can also edit your videos online with Clip Generator online editor. – Clipgenerator

  6. Zeodia

    Zeodia help you to create beautiful videos for memorizing those special moments of your life. You can create videos using your favorite pictures, videos and music as well. It offers a fast and easy to use User interface for creating videos so that you can share your story with the entire world or with people in your life. It is appropriate to be used for every occasion. – zeodia

  7. WeVideo

    WeVideo offers an free online video creation platform. It is very easy to use and helps you in creating videos to be shared with your family and friends. It is suitable for professional, personal as well as educative purposes. It also helps in driving more people into conversations and helps in increasing brand recognition as well. Apart from this, you can create and show educative videos to students. It is an amazing way of inculcating project based skills in young minds. – WeVideo

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