Animoto Free online video editor

Create a stunning video presentation with Animoto. Animoto is a free online video editor.

It is a very effective tool for you to create stunning video slideshows from your pictures and audio/video clips.

Animoto online video editor

You need to upload your video clips and audio tracks to create your new video slideshow, and then share it anywhere you want via Animoto.

Animoto has wide application in the fields of photography, video editing, and cinematography, and also helps in making business presentations.

Animoto is designed in such a way that you have to do nothing else but click on the right buttons.

It has a variety of usable applications which you can use to create and modify your video clip.

The software provides a simple three-step process for you to create your video, compiling the video clips which you want to incorporate in the main video, uploading and compiling all audio tracks, and finally editing and synchronizing the audios and videos, with some final mastering touches.

The 30-day trial version allows you to create videos of a limited length of thirty seconds. But if you sign up and buy Animoto Pro, you can create videos of as long lengths as you desire.

For professional artists and photographers, Animoto provides useful tools for them to edit their raw photos and videos to make them fit for commercial use.

Animoto can also prove to be beneficial for businessmen as well. They can make their Presentation in the form of an attractive video instead of a normal slide-show to make things more interesting and compelling.

Features of Animoto online video editor

Animoto is a very unique online video editing tool owing to the following features:

  1. With the premium version of Animoto, you can create high-quality videos, with no limit on the time.
  2. Animoto has a very useful library of common audio clips that you can use in your video.
  3. You can add a custom “call-to-action” button in your video, clicking on which the client gets redirected to the corresponding place.
  4. You can take an audio clip in Animoto and modify its speed of you think it is not playing in sync with your video.
  5. Animoto is linked to Aperture, a similar software. An Aperture plug-in provided in Animoto helps you open edited video projects in Aperture in Animoto directly. The same can be done from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, whose plug-in is also present.
  6. Videos created in Animoto can be made fit for commercial usage. You can even make your video copyrighted.
  7. Instead of monotonous PowerPoint presentations, you can lighten up your presentations with Animoto, with a perfect mix of corporate formality and attractiveness.
  8. You can use Animoto to create promotional videos to launch your business or a new business scheme. You can also share your videos with colleagues and clients.

Animoto, with its sound set of tools, really lets you test your creative genius.

Once you start using it, you realize the vast ocean of creative possibilities it brings out for your video to be unique, professional, and most importantly, relevant.

Download: Animoto

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