Anjuta DevStudio – GNOME Integrated Development Environment

Anjuta DevStudio is a versatile Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for software development on GNU/Linux. It featuring many advanced programming facilities such as project management, application wizards, interactive debugger, source browsing, version control, GUI designer, profiler etc. and also providing simple and usable user interface, yet powerful for efficient development.

Anjuta DevStudio - gnome IDE

It come with built in support for writing C and C++ programs (with or without gnome support) and fully integrates with autotools, cvs, gdb, gcc/g++, make and the many other common free software development tools.

Features of Anjuta DevStudio :

  1. flexible and advanced docking User Interface
  2. very extensible with plugins so you can easily and dynamically enabled or disabled the plugins.
  3. File manager
  4. Project manager
  5. Project Wizards
  6. Source Code Editor with Syntax highlighting
  7. Symbols view and navigation
  8. interactive source-level debugger
  9. Integrated GTK+/GNOME WYSIWYG graphical user interface designer (Glade)
  10. Class generator and file wizard
  11. Valgrind plugin and gprof profiler plugins
  12. Integrated GTK+/GNOME developer’s API help browser (Devhelp).


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