Apache Roller – full-featured, multi-user open source Java blog server

Apache Roller is a full- featured, multi-user open source java blog server (blogging engine) written by Dave Johnson in 2002. Basically it was a Java web application that should be able to run on any Java EE server and support for any relational database. Currently, Roller is best supported on Tomcat and MySQL database.

Apache Roller - open source Java blog server

Apache Roller is a specially designed for all kinds of blogging sites and It is an ideal tool to create your own blogging network with unlimited users and blogs, forums, photo galleries, and more.

Here is some of Roller’s key features:

  1. Multi-user blogging: can support tens of thousands of users and blogs
  2. Group blogging with three permission levels (editor, author and limited)
  3. Support for comment moderation and comment spam prevention measures
  4. Bloggers have complete control over blog layout/style via customizable page templates
  5. Built-in search engine indexes weblog entry content
  6. Pluggable cache and rendering system
  7. Support for blog clients that support MetaWeblog API
  8. Support for RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 Newsfeeds
  9. Support for rich-text editing
  10. blogroll management
  11. provides AtomPub protocol and XML-RPC interfaces for blogging clients.

Download: Apache Roller 4.0.1

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