Apache Sling – open source Web framework for Java platform

Apache Sling is an open source web application framework based on REST principles that uses a Java Content Repository, such as Apache Jackrabbit, to store and manage content. it use either scripts or Java servlets, selected based on simple name conventions, to process HTTP requests in a RESTful way.

Apache Sling - open source Web framework

Apache Sling framework allows developers to develop content centric web applications based on the idea of modularizing the rendering of HTTP resources. The embedded Apache Felix OSGi framework and console provide a dynamic runtime environment, where code and content bundles can be loaded, unloaded and reconfigured at runtime.

Features of Apache Sling

  1. REST based web framework
  2. Content-driven, using a JCR content repository
  3. Powered by OSGi framework
  4. Scripting inside, multiple languages (JSP, server-side javascript, Scala, etc.)
  5. Apache Open Source project

Download: Apache Sling web framework

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