Store your application licenses securely with Appchest

Appchest is an efficient and sophisticated way of storing the licenses of your software’s and along with it checking an recent and latest updates of the devices on Mac.

You just have to pull down and drop the software you have bought into the library of Appchest and then enter their license keys.


No need to concerned about the email, PDF or text file containing the license Keys, all attachments are automatically searched for useful information and auto filled if possible.

It provides you the latest Mac oriented software information in one list which can be downloaded instantly, reviewed it or you can even buy it.

it is being righteously said that combines the two concepts it is considered to be a great option for merging the authorization of a system as well as enhancing your system, that’s the Appchest.

The confidentiality issues of the customers are of great concern so it pay more attention to your license codes with ample amount of secrecy.

This is what makes the Appchest assimilate the two matters first the data of the license and even the extensions in connection to the current made formula, that why Appchest use latest encryption algorithm, AES-256 to protect your License Key and the attachments.

You have to tick on the button named as flamed which lies at the left side bottom space of the page of Appchest along with it the notifications of the Mac products that are being exhibited with a cut off near about 56% is being appeared.

Not only that it allow you to read the deals‘ product description, viewing screenshots or visiting the website before considering to buy.

Features of Appchest

  1. Organize your software license secularly and safely with Appchest
  2. User can easily Expand their software collection and display latest Mac items
  3. Option of wish chart
  4. Index of license are being put it automatically.

Using the license among the known people, such as employees, family and friends becomes easy. The Appchest accepts all type of formatted documents and exported in a special file format for a quick future import.

Download : AppChest

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