AppFlower – Rapid web application development framework

AppFlower is a rapid application development (RAD) framework for building enterprise-ready applications. no need to learn any special coding language to create your own application.

just use a web-based visual designer (studio) from AppFlower and create your own data-driven applications instantly with drag and drop features.

AppFlower - Rapid web application development framework

it creates containers for storing your data just like you are working with spreadsheets. when you enter your data into containers it will automatically create a database structure.

you can also edit your data, change data types, add indexes and relations, and extend the data model. All application build by AppFlower has a modern, web-based user interface.

The User interface provides all basic features for enterprise applications such as fulfilled the daily usage needs of users, Notice that these features can be controlled or adjusted before exposing them to the users.

it has self-contained, visual building blocks which know as Widgets that dynamically change the application. This will create the basic business logic and the user interface, automatically. So you can easily customize the widgets as per your requirements.

AppFlower is a highly customizable rapid application development (RAD) framework. it means users can tweak and modify each and every part of AppFlower in any way.

if you don’t like default templates (Sencha) of AppFlower, you can create your own customized templates. Even users can customize the specific data read/write calls to optimize performance.

Features of AppFlower

  1. Web-based Visual Designer (Studio)
  2. Enterprise-class application builder
  3. Highly Customizable User Interface
  4. Widget, Layout and Theme builder
  5. Written in PHP 5 (Symfony framework) and JavaScript.
  6. Modern web 2.0 user interface with Sencha
  7. Rapid application development for web 2.0
  8. No coding knowledge required to create your own application. it will automatically generate the user interface and backend code.
  9. Support for 3rd party software integration
  10. Enhanced Security System
  11. Users can use both AppFlower plugins and Symfony plugins to enhance AppFlower Applications.

Download: AppFlower

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