AppRain Content Management Framework (CMF)

AppRain is a Open source PHP based Content Management Framework (CMF). it’s an perfect combination of two popular Web Development Technology one is content management system and another one is Rapid Development Framework, both perform together to produce endless varieties of output in a very limited time.

AppRain content management framework

Features of AppRain

  1. Custom Site settings : Custom Site Settings are XML definitions that creates interface in admin panel to process admin settings. Settings can be created in different tab or in a single page as per client need.
  2. Interface Builder : It uses XML definition to create admin panel. This definition file can be split Tab by Tab or in a single file. It helps to arrange(show/hide by ACL) admin tab and render page under admin panel in a user friendly way.
  3. Information Set
  4. Categories Set – Category Set helps to process data in multi/single level category.
  5. Member management
  6. Administrative Management
  7. Access control limit
  8. Pre-configured blog, store, dynamic gallery and forum
  9. Very Well Defined Cache Management
  10. File manager
  11. Rich text Editor
  12. Database backup tool to Backup/Export/Roll Back data base in admin panel.
  13. Deleted Data recovery
  14. File Editor
  15. Language Module
  16. Theme manager
  17. Multi store management system
  18. Use Model-view-controller pattern
  19. Model Validation
  20. Single tone pattern
  21. Entity-attribute-value model (EAV)
  22. Search Module
  23. URL manager
  24. Support for Plug-in and Add-on
  25. Auto load class by Path
  26. Even Driven Programming
  27. create a HTML data output in Tabular or Grid format.
  28. Cryptography
  29. Export Resource outside
  30. Configure Multi-theme and Multi-User Site, Multi-Domain site
  31. Core Configuration

Download :

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