Aptify RAD – Rapid Application Development platform for Silverlight / SQL Server Apps

Aptify RAD is an enterprise-class Rapid Application Development platform for Silverlight and SQL Server Applications. it allow developers and non-developers to increase their productivity by building database-driven apps for Silverlight.

Aptify RAD - RAD platform for silverlight/SQL server Apps

it’s an meta-data driven Application Development platform where user can define their application requirements in meta-data, and Aptify RAD will automatically builds the database, business objects, SOA layer and user experience in Silverlight as per your meta-data requirements.

It use standard set of features for all applications to use and allows a business to empower end-users and analysts to directly create meaningful apps in a small amount of time without code.

The platform is purely built on Microsoft environment including SQL Server, .NET and Silverlight, So Developers always can extend what an analyst or power user creates in Aptify using Microsoft Visual Studio and other state of the art coding environments and developed applications can easily integrated with a variety of other Microsoft applications including the Office Suite, Exchange, and SharePoint. Other technologies also easily integrated with Aptify through the SOA architecture.

Download : Aptify RAD – RAD platform for silverlight/SQL server Apps

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