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To do list applications are of vital importance and have gained a lot of prominence lately. Even cell phones have an integrated to do application installed in them. A to do application basically helps you to remember all the small things you need to do amidst a busy life. The charm of a to do list evaporates if the to do list cannot be created in a simple fashion. Some to do lists come along with a manual which needs to be studied before creating a to do list. Simple List from artissoftware provides an interactive and simple platform for list creation.


Simple List is created with the intent of helping Apple users maintain an easily accessible and intuitive to do list. It is compatible with the MAC OS. It hardly affects the speed of the processor and functions like an integrated software. The software is aimed at creating the perfect tool for professionals using MAC. Therefore speed and dynamism are two of the most important factors in consideration while building this software. The search field is instantaneous, facilitating fast retrieval of information. Keyboard shortcuts are also facilitated along with sorting by priorities method for providing a dynamic and fast platform. It can also forward the to do list to an entire team by just drag and drop.

Features of Simple List

  1. Simple List allows instant filtering helping you to find the desired items in quick time. You may require to change the priority of different tasks at certain points. This can be a very tedious task. Simple List allows you to re arrange items by very simple drag and drop.
  2. Opening a website every time you require to modify a list can be cumbersome. The Simple List automatically opens the lists everyday for modification.
  3. You can even use navigation buttons on the keyboard which make accessing the document very comfortable. You can customize the keyboard shortcuts according to your convenience.
  4. Multiple documents are maintained for separate lists. This ensures proper documentation of the lists for future use and better understandability.
  5. An archive is maintained and all past data is fitted into the archive. This ensures that all past data are available for future use whenever deemed necessary. Though scanning through an archive may seem very cumbersome and hard to do, erring feature of Simple List makes it a matter of seconds. You may even customize your keyboard keys for shortcut navigation methods through the database.
  6. You don’t need to configure the software to use it for a team purpose. You can simply drag and drop different tasks from your list to your team members list.

Simple List thus gives you an excellent opportunity to organize your tasks in a relaxed and efficient manner. Simple List makes your professional life much easier because of the incredible facilities it provides. It helps you to save time and to get through your hectic schedule smoothly and easily. Simple List is therefore a must have for all professionals.

Download : ARTIS Simple List

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