30 best ASP.net based Content Management System (CMS)


ASP.net is a free web application framework that allows web developers to build dynamic, interactive websites, Web applications, and services using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

If you are a web programmer and searching for useful ASP.net based CMS to edit, manage, and publish your dynamic website.

here are 30 useful ASP.net based CMS to manage your websites easily.

1 Composite C1 – ASP.Net based CMS

Composite C1 is a free and Open Source (FOSS) ASP.net framework based web content management system. It was specially designed for all types of companies and organizations, individuals, or communities of users to easily publish, manage, and organize a variety of content on corporate websites while maintaining a consistent visual identity. The user interface of Composite C1 is very functional and task-oriented and enables users of varying technical skills to complete tasks and co-operate using familiar tools. – Composite C1 Web CMS

2 DotNetNuke ASP.net WCMS

DotNetNuke is a leading open source web content management and Flexible application development framework. It’s an Asp.net based CMS to create and keep up fully customizable dynamic web sites. Through an intuitive, menu-driven interface, even non-technical users can also use the DotNetNuke platform to create powerful websites or extend the functionality and features of their existing web applications. – DotNetNuke Asp.net WCMS

3 Kentico CMS for ASP.net

Kentico CMS is an Asp.net based CMS that allows you to build dynamic web sites, online shopping carts, intranets, and web 2.0 community sites. it has a powerful content editing interface – Kentico CMS Desk. which allows the user to edit content and preview them before publishing, also easy to organized content into a tree hierarchy of documents (pages). The hierarchy (content tree) represents the site map and the navigation structure. – Kentico CMS – Asp.net cms

4 MojoPortal CMS

MojoPortal CMS is also fully featured, Open source, multi-platform, multi-database supported CMS and web application framework based on Asp.net framework and written in C# programming language. it has many included features like Blogs, Forums, Event Calendar, Google Maps, Contact Form, Polls, Surveys, eCommerce & more. – mojoPortal CMS for ASP.NET

5 Umbraco – ASP.net based CMS

Umbraco CMS provides a full-featured web content management system that is easy to use, simple to customize, and robust enough to run the largest sites such as wired.co.uk and asp.net. it’s a FOSS (free and open-source software) Web CMS built on the Microsoft .NET Framework.  – Umbraco CMS

6 Orchard Project

Orchard Project is a community-focused content management system written in the Asp.net platform using .net MVC framework. With the Orchard Project, users can create content-driven Websites and an extensibility framework that will allow developers and customizers to give more functionality through modules and themes. – Orchard Project

7 N2 Open Source ASP.NET CMS

N2 is an open-source lightweight ASP.net based content management system (CMS) to create simple and easy to use user-friendly website that anyone can easily Update. Features include full control of content and nodes, drag&drop, versioning, wizards, export/import, security, globalization, and more. – N2 – ASP.net based CMS

8 Kooboo CMS

Kooboo CMS is a flexible and extensible Enterprise-grade content management system based on the ASP.NET MVC framework. it offers many enterprise-grade features such as workflow, version control, publishing, and integration service that make your work so easy. Even users can create a dynamic website without learning any database coding languages. – Kooboo Enterprise CMS

9 Axcms

Axcms is an enterprise-class Web CMS and application framework for the creation and management of highly scalable and interactive web applications and websites based entirely on the Microsoft .NET platform. it allows enterprises to improve their process efficiency and reduce operating costs. Axcms is a first Enterprise Web CMS, which have an integrated Silverlight based ribbon toolbar that allows the editor to manage and design enterprise websites with an extraordinary usability experience for CMS Users. – AxCMS.net

10 Sprocket CMS

Sprocket CMS is an Advanced Pluggable CMS for ASP.net 2.0. it has simple but powerful scripting language (SprocketScript) which can be used in your templates and content to get the most out of your website. Multi-tier database management framework to allow you to use whichever database you want. – Sprocket

11 Singularity – ASP.NET Framework

Singularity is an ASP.NET based Application Development Framework which makes it easier for .NET developers to create dynamic ASP.NET based websites. Using this ASP.NET Framework, one can easily develop text and video blogging websites, social networking sites, and CMS systems. – Singularity

12 TouchPointCMS

TouchPointCMS is a simple, modular Content Management System framework built on top of ASP.NET 3.5. TouchPointCMS is a free, open-source (FOSS) CMS framework for any Windows web server. The system supports SQL Express Edition by default but is configurable to use a SQL Server instance. – TouchPointCMS

13 Cognizant CMS

Cognizant CMS is a free open source CMS built using ASP.NET 3.5 based on generating strictly semantic content to improve readability and search engine optimization output while providing easy to use tools for advanced end-users and administrators. – Cognizant CMS

14 Sitefinity CMS

Sitefinity CMS is a next-generation web content management system for creating compelling websites, intranets, portals, and blogs. it offers many enterprise features and simple, easy-to-use online administration for managing your website. The new revolutionary User Interface is very task-oriented and simplifies the user interaction with the system. – Sitefinity CMS

15 Webnodes CMS

Webnodes CMS is a fully-featured enterprise quality ASP.net based web content management system (WCMS) that combines a user-friendly web interface with a flexible semantic content engine. – Webnodes


Alpha CMS is an API-free, .net MVC framework based content management system. Its architecture provides the ability to easily create advanced Web pages, add-ons, or even another CMS. – ALPHA CMS Framework

17 Digimaker

Digimaker is a 100% ASP.net based content management system that specially designed for editors, authors, developers & consultants for creating, managing, and maintaining user-friendly professional websites. – Digimaker

18 Adxstudio CMS

Adxstudio CMS is a powerful and affordable web CMS that combines on the Microsoft .NET 3.5 framework. Its easy-to-use web-based tools empower content authors to manage complex dynamic websites, intranets, and extranets while alleviating the strain on IT resources. – Adxstudio CMS

19 Spider CMS

Spider CMS is a full-featured Content Management System. SpiderCMS allows organizations to manage the content of their website in an easy to use web-based interface without the need for any programming or design skills. – SpiderCMS


Visual Web Developer (VMD) CMS is an open-source flat file-based content management system built for ASP.NET 2.0 websites. It’s a completely flat file-based CMS where content files stored on the local file system which simplifies backup, restore, and deployment. – VMD CMS

21 Cuyahoga CMS

Cuyahoga is an open-source .NET web site framework. It provides content management capabilities and has a modular approach. Currently, it works with MS .NET 2.0-3.5 with SQL Server, PostgreSQL, or MySQL as the database backend. Also, Mono is fully supported. – Cuyahoga CMS

22 Pronto CMS

Pronto is a very simple, light-weight web content management system for .NET. Built on top of the ASP.NET MVC library. Pronto is ideal for small websites and even works in shared hosting environments due to its simple file-based data storage. – pronto CMS

23 InsiteCMS.net

insiteCMS.net is a lightweight content management system that allows you to run a CMS without any database. it uses ASP.net 2.0 technology and it’s based on ASP.net Resx files. insiteCMS.net is a template-based CMS engine, web developers can define their own page layout and using a simple CSS class, they can define the behavior for each single page section. – insiteCMS.net

24 agilitycms

Content management system for web, mobile and social media that give you tools to configure content structures, populate them with content and publish to your website, mobile site, mobile apps, and Facebook. – Agility CMS

25 PageTypes

PageTypes is a comprehensive, easy to use, ASP.NET based content management system (CMS) that makes setting up, managing, and changing your website fast and simple. Easy website builder. – PageTypes CMS

26 MonoX CMS

MonoX is a free content management and social networking platform built on the ASP.net framework. it has an intuitive, user-friendly interface that supports Web parts framework, drag and drop, WYSIWYG interface, content versioning, advanced security model, cross-browser support, advanced templating engine, and multi-level personalization. – MonoX CMS

27 Rainbow CMS

Rainbow CMS is an open-source CMS based on Microsoft’s ASP.net and C# technologies. it has a customizable roles-based authorization system that allows content authoring to safely delegated to multiple team members who need little or no knowledge of HTML. – Rainbow CMS ASP.net CMS

28 Fooshy CMS

Fooshy CMS is an expandable and flexible content management system specially developed for web designers and web site owners. Dynamic and full of content sites can quickly and easily be created without the need for any programming skills. – Fooshy CMS

29 Yendo CMS

Yendo is a fully functional CMS that allows you to build and keep up your own corporate website or blog. it’s a perfect CMS solution for small businesses that allow you to edit your own website without any technical knowledge. – Yendo CMS

30 Firebird CMS

Firebird CMS is a new CMS build on ASP.net 2.0 framework specially designed by web designers for web designers. The CMS is fully compatible with W3C XHTML standard and cross-browser safe, yet flexible enough to suit your design requirements. it has fully Pluggable Architecture – Templates, custom controls, and administration functionality are all pluggable for custom development and extendibility. – Firebird CMS

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