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Media Platform is a means of communication something for example Newspapers, magazines or Internet. Audiobox is such a media platform through which you can communicate with your clients. It is an excellent interface that offers an intuitive API and a platter of software’s and applications that helps you to create a media library that supports new codecs, container formats and transmission protocols.

AudioBox-fm Cloud Web Player

Audiobox can be used with media players, video and audio editors. It provides you with a “Cloud Web Player” by the use of which you can stream any type of media from any modern browser. It can be easily integrated with any browser, any kind of mobile devices -iPhone, android, to name a few. It can also be unified with various social networking sites.

Audiobox is designed by our experts such that your media library and associated media player is capable of delivering the goods. It assures you a web player that can play recent codecs. It furnishes a “Cloud web player” with which you can stream any kind of media though any anonymous browser.

You need not install additional application software because it can systematize as well as stream your media assembly at the same time. It provides you with a simple platform from where you can enrich your playlist from Dropbox or you can scrobble tracks to Audiobox has speedy response that means you can send a stream to your clientele quickly with minimum wastage.

Your information are stored safely in an inaccessible and private Cloud. It has various in-built applications by the use of which you can synchronize your desktop. It is equipped with widgets through which you can access it from any mobile device such as Android. These applications also allow you to upload music from Linux. It comes with embedded plug-in for PS3 Media Server. It has a powerful Application Programming Interface (API) that serves you when you want to create a custom upload script.

Features of Audiobox

Audiobox is designed with utmost caution by our experts with the aim that your web player functions superlatively. It is equipped with the following features.

  1. It is an affordable interface that offers you spacious storage at a cheap price.
  2. It is equipped with a new technology called the AudioMashes that assures you a never before media experience.
  3., Twitter, Dropbox and many other sites are supported by Audiobox.
  4. It delivers you a Cloud Web Player than is capable of streaming any type of media with most recent codecs.
  5. It is compatible with regular web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera and so on. You need not install any additional software for its functionality.
  6. It is available in your mobile device as well such that you are always in touch.
  7. If you upload a stream or media you will already find it in your playlist because it has an intuitive API.
  8. It is embedded with superlative organizational and management tools such that you can customize you media player and modify your media library as per your requirements.

Audiobox is an ultimate software framework that handles media on your computer through the World Wide Web. With its powerful API it has an edge over the contemporary media platform and guarantees better communication between you and your clients.

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