AutoCAD WS – web and mobile application for AutoCAD

The AutoCAD WS mobile and web application is a very distinctive application that enables the users to view, share and edit DEG images using a mobile device or a web browser. AutoCAD WS is an easy to use web and mobile application that helps in viewing, editing and sharing DWG drawings through a mobile device or a web browser.

AutoCAD ws

The application stores these DWG drawings and AutoCAD project files in an online workplaces from where they (AutoCAD project files & DWG drawings) are easily accessible by the user. The application also gives the user a freedom to edit the files and drawings online or in their apple mobile devices like iPod, iPad and iPhone.

The application easily collaborates with other devices and forms a network so that the users can access them from anywhere. The Online DWG viewer makes it easy for the users to view the DWG drawings from anywhere using a web browser. In a way, users can accelerate AutoCAD projects from its start to end using Autodesk’s design review and track the changes effortlessly using this application. Moreover, the application is a freeware and is available in the Apple store easily.

Features of Autodesk

  1. Easy to handle AutoCAD application- Autodesk is an easy to handle AutoCAD web and mobile application that helps in viewing, sharing and editing DWG drawings and AutoCAD project files through mobile devices or a web browser.
  2. Free to use- Autodesk application is free to use and can be made available for the users from the Apple store.
  3. Stores files in easily accessible online workplace- The application stores the AutoCAD project files and CWG drawings in an easily accessible online workplace so that it can be accessed from anywhere using the web browser.
  4. Online DWG viewer tool- The online DWG viewer tool enables the user to access the AutoCAD drawings from any part of the world using a web browser.
  5. Web based CAD support- The web based CAD support helps to edit CWG drawings using hosts of interactive features and tools that are also easy to operate.
  6. AutoCAD application for Apple mobile devices- The application enables easy working on CWG drawings directly using Apple Mobile devices.
  7. Team collaboration- The application requires no plug-in or software to invite, interact and collaborate with the team members online in order to edit and review the CWG drawings.
  8. Real time collaboration- Easily conduct design reviews online by inviting participants from anywhere.
  9. Manage and track changes effortlessly- the application can help in tracking and recording the design changes within a timeline for auditing and version control.
  10. Offline editing- Users can work on and easily edit their AutoCAD project files and CWG Drawings offline without any Internet connection from their Apple mobile devices.
  11. Open source application- The application is a freeware and can be downloaded from the Apple store.

Autodesk is an easy to use application that enables easy viewing, editing and sharing of AutoCAD project files and DWG drawings using web browser or Apple mobile devices.

Download : AutoCAD to Web & Mobile

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