AutoTheme – HTML theme system add-on for PHP-nuke

AutoTheme is basically a Theme structure or editor based on HTML that is used by a number of foremost open-source CMS, online trading sites, and also by certain Blog apps unit.

AutoTheme HTML theme system

AutoTheme does not need you to be a pro in theme system applications. It takes care of the configuration part completely and you do not need to know all the complex software details.

AutoTheme helps you develop personal themes based on HTML by means of your preferred editor. no need to worry about using PHP as well.

You can also customize different parts and pages on your personal website using AutoTheme. There are added features in AutoBlocks options that offer numerous storage areas for your opted blocks.

AutoTheme format is basically developed by transporting data from a graphical management edge.

AutoTheme can be divided into three types depending on user requirements and workability. The three types are called AutoTheme Personal, AutoTheme Organizational, and AutoTheme Professional.

Now, personal AutoTheme is meant for single user needs and not for groups or organizations into some product or business dealings. Organizational AutoTheme also is meant for nontrading purposes and for single or group or institutional users.

This type offers free downloads. AutoTheme Professional is for both business or personal nonbusiness purposes and can have users ranging from one to groups or organizations. You can get a license to obtain any one type of AutoTheme at a time.

Features of AutoTheme

The HTML AutoTheme is capable of creating and developing unique websites with its special features:

  1. Autotheme enables you to form a new customized website on HTML and use it for commercial and non-commercial purposes.
  2. It provides you with several free themes too.
  3. It has the facility of web hosting and you can register with your personal domain name. You can send emails using AutoTheme services.
  4. You have the offer to sell off the AutoTheme web hosting and templates.
  5. You can customize your themes according to your ideas and designs and create new unique themes. You can also alter the themes provided to you by AutoTheme as you want. AutoTheme also provides templates to convert themes.
  6. You can install the application and the structure you want to and then you have the option to combine and revise your applications for better results. AutoTheme enables you to develop your software and different modules.
  7. AutoTheme 1.X is the recommended application that is being promoted as the most developed and energy-efficient one. There is also the AutoTheme-Lite but its features are now overtaken by the AutoTheme 1.X which offers many new extra settings including full-page caching and powerful support system and lots of other plug-ins.
  8. You will be provided with an all-time support system for any requirement n theme design, HTML application, or configuration utility.
  9. If you already have AutoTheme but want to upgrade your system then it is generally devoid of any up gradation cost but any severe change will cost some amount of money.

AutoTheme will enhance your theme management skills.

Download: Autotheme

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