Awayfind – Get Notified With Important E-Mails Wherever You Are

AwayFind is an easy to use web application that relieves all your email worries. AwayFind is like an aide for your email, it delivers vital messages while ignoring emails that are not important based on your specified criteria. AwayFind enables you to stop constantly monitoring your email and get some actual work done. You do not have to go through the time-consuming task of filtering through unwanted email for important ones, AwayFind does it for you. With AwayFind, even when you are busy or unavailable, you never miss a single message.


Awayfind automatically reroutes high priority emails to other devices so you can close your inbox and never miss anything important. Awayfind’s browser plug-in monitors the emails and senders you specify for the tine period you specify. AwayFind will notify you via telephone, SMS , instant messages or emails you whenever there is a new message from these senders. Their monitoring system is automated and hence there are no worries of strangers gaining access to your private messages.

Whenever there is an urgent message AwayFind will alert you through voice call, SMS, iPhone push, IM, or it can even forward the message to a specified person. The Monthly Starter pack allows the monitoring of two email accounts and checks for urgent messages twelve times an hour at US $15 per month. The Yearly Pro option monitors five different email accounts and checks for updates every two minutes (thirty times an hour). It costs US $139 and also provides a one-on-one consultation service.

Features of Awayfind

  1. You can choose to be notified by AwayFind via numerous methods email, phone call, SMS and instant message.
  2. Its newest feature is it calls you and actually reads out the email message you have received.
  3. Awayfind supports several instant messaging applications so that you are no longer limited by your email carrier. Google Talk, AIM, Twitter, Yahoo and MSN are some of these applications.
  4. Awayfind knows that some emails might important to a lot of people in your workgroup. AwayFind delivers the requisite email messages to these members of your team through any of the above notification methods.
  5. AwayFind provides a 30-day free trial which enables users to monitor one email account and scan for urgent messages three times an hour.
  6. AwayFind is also giving away a free copy of their ebook “The Guide to Not Checking Email” by Jared Goralnick to those who sign up for its services.

Users of AwayFind have cited that their email volume has dropped by upto 75 percent and that they can now better focus on their work without the unnecessary burden of going through hundreds of emails.   AwayFind is an ideal application for those who receive thousands of emails every day. It effectively prevents cluttering of your mailbox. With AwayFind email does not control you, you control email. It never fails to get you expected results. It provide 100% guaranteed satisfaction to customers.

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