Axigen – Free collaborative Linux mail server


Axigen is a collaborative Linux mail server and calendaring platform showcasing the functions that can be very helpful for professionals grouped together to work in a shared project.

Axigen Linux mail server and calendaring platform

It offers protected web services that are used for small scale industries or even corporate conditions. There are three versions of Axigen products; one for SOHO’s that is free, one edition as service provider and another for business related dealings.

These are saleable ones. Axigen boasts of its functions as a groupware and its personal organizational capabilities. It also features high speed, protection and assurance.

Axigen is known for its commendable performance as a mail server software that gives you fast and safe web communications and is ideal for collaborative work outs. It also works as a space manager for your relevant and information storage.

It is available in Windows as well as Linux OS and comprises of most of the essential applications like message solutions, emails, organizing and also integration of various data and instructions.

Axigen is built up with some salient features that are important and applicable to support your collaborative or integrated group of people to achieve your aims.

Features of Axigen

There are many interesting features of the Axigen that makes it a must have. These are:

  1. Its most helpful characteristic is that it enables you to access mailing services at a higher speed with security and also helps in almost all the required activities like sending business messages, mails and other sort outs.
  2. It acts as an efficient tool for time-management and organizes your private and business schedules, the related instructions observations and tasks. These are made available by MS Outlook and also iCal attuned clientele. It also designs common folders for the members of your teams and they can see whether you are available or not if you want them to.
  3. Axigen systematically shares your personal emails and schedule documents, appointments and instructions among your colleagues. It also replies to your messages or calendar if you are somehow not in your office and with a substitute it can arrange meetings and handle your emails too on your behalf.
  4. It offers neighbouring and distant accessibility. Using MS Outlook you can establish native connector which helps you work offline as well and advanced searches too.
  5. It can also manage mailing service with quite a few other mail patrons such as Mozilla.
  6. You can check your mail account from your mobile phones as well.
  7. Axigen has a multidimensional security system and you can make it safer by merging any anti virus and anti spam applications into your system.
  8. Its administration is quite hassle-free and it offers back up archives for all details and information that you need.
  9. Axigen licenses have very suitable and friendly terms and its flexible authorization structure accelerates your enterprise development.
  10. You can have 24*7 supports from the technical team regarding any queries and application methods.
  11. Queue Management – Queue filtering & actions on selected items
  12. Virtual queues – Provide Separate queues for each remote domain
  13. Ajax “Refreshless” Webmail with desktop-like usability.
  14. Standard and mobile Webmail user interface.
  15. Push Email & PIM Synchronization with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Connector.

Thus, hopefully Axigen will help your business grow.

Download : Axigen – collaborative Linux mail server

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