Bacula Network based Backup and restore solution

Bacula is a well known software product that you can use for managing the recovery, verification and backup of your computer data. You will be able to use this product across a wide range of different kinds of computers.

Bacula Network based Backup

In technical terms, it is a network based open source backup program. The bacula software is known to be highly efficient and you will find it extremely easy to use it. You can download this software from the official Bacula webpage.

Bacula is basically one set of programs which permits your computer’s system administrator to take care of the verification, backup and recovery of data across a network of many different computers.

This product can run on a single machine and is capable of backing up various kinds of media such as disk and tape. The bacula software offers a large number of storage options making the recovery of damaged or lost files very easy.

The Bacula software product is of a modular design and is scalable from the small single computer machines to various ones across various networks.

Components of Bacula – Open Source Network Backup Solution

  1. Bacula Director : Bacula director is a program that supervises all the recovery, verify, archive and backup operations. The system administrator will use Bacula Director for scheduling backups and for recovering files. The Director runs in the form of a service or daemon in the background.
  2. Bacula Console : Bacula Console allow users or administrators to communicate with Bacula Director. It is available at present in three versions, namely, QT-based interface, wxWidgets graphical interface and text-based console interface. All these versions are quite simple and easy to run.
  3. Bacula File Daemon : Bacula File Daemon useful for the purpose of being backed up. It is responsible for the provision of data and file attributes when these are requested by Bacula Director. Bacula File services are also responsible for the task of restoring data and file attributes during recovery operations.
  4. Bacula Storage : Bacula Storage is an essential component of the Bacula software product. It comprises of software programs which perform storage as well as recovery operations with regard to file attributes and data. It is also responsible for the recovery and storage of volumes or physical backup media.
  5. Bacula Monitor : The Bacula Monitor also comprises a crucial part of the Bacula software. This is a program which allows users or system administrators to view current status of the Bacula Directors, Bacula Storage Daemons and Bacula File Daemons. At present only the GTK+ version happens to be available.

Thus, the Bacula software product is a really marvelous device which you can use for the management of verification, recovery and verification of data in your computer. You do not need to pay any money for using this software and can operate it free of cost.

Download : Bacula Network Backup Solution

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