Banckle – Online Business Collaborative and Social Apps

The tools that provide key collaboration are offered by Banckle which is accessed by businesses as well as organizations. Sometime it is really difficult to collaborate with team members due to certain geographical barriers.

Banckle Collaborative & Social Apps

Streamlined communication is enabled by Banckle that reduces the time span of communication with members of the team members. Online discussions are used for live chatting through the use of Banckle that not only increase productivity and sales but also assists customers.

Online meetings are also held that provides the capabilities of web conferencing for the meetings of the real time. Directly communication is enabled rather that chatting in groups through the less use of emails.

Emails of Businesses are also available in Banckle that enables video as well as text chat integration, social streams, feeds and more. Several tasks are performed by Banckle that includes remote access, site searching, secure Enterprise IM, and file sharing.

August 2010 was the year in which Banckle was founded. Lane Cove, Australia and Palo Alto, California are the places where there are offices of Banckle. Social applications as well as business collaboration is provided online by this application.

Several features of Banckle are available today and a wide range of tools are also available that are used for collaborative tasks. The team consists of 50 members and there is always an effective collaboration among them.

Banckle offers certain features that may not be exclusive but would surely be offering much effectiveness to its users. Like the common webinars and the chat options, Banckle too has incorporated all the chat and other features.

The main reason which distinguishes Banckle from the other apps is that it provides the common features in the highest possible spectrum. Users are provided numerous ways to commune so they easily can decide the top way for their specific purposes.

The Real time discussions are simple and it can be processed with the modern live chat techniques. To take care of the security aspect, all your chat sessions or the e-mails are effectively secured and without your will no second person can check it out.

The features are not only the effective part of the app, the appearance to be attractive enough to attract much of the users. It has a lovely transition of blue and gold colors which separates it from the rest.

The tools provided along with the app are really simple enough to use and it hardly has any complex features that might require any high training of the user.

Features of Banckle

  1. Group chat is effectively used for reducing the sending of emails.
  2. A business email can be set up with several options.
  3. Host webinars and online meetings.
  4. Remote access is used effectively for increased flexibility.
  5. Enterprise IM enables very effective communication.

Medium and small sized organizations or businesses who want to have an effective and efficient way of communication will certainly like to use Banckle. There are a rich set of Banckle features available and they are used by all the users.

Download : Banckle

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