Bantam Live – Real time social CRM

Bantam Live allows you to connect easily with your customers, work together with your team, and expand your business.

It is an incredible social CRM tool with integrated applications revolving around microblogging. It is simple and handy software.

It helps you to manage your business workflow through contact management, CRM, task management, calendaring, deal tracking, project management, etc..

Bantam Live - real time social CRM

Bantam Live performs the following functions-

  • You can supervise contacts and build relationships with your customers directly.
  • You can connect and import contacts from your social networking profiles.
  • You can keep a record of your sales pipeline and observe analytics.
  • You can manage projects, assignments, and events.
  • You can control customer and team activity at the same time.

Bantam Live is available in different packages ranging from $19 to $140 a month. They allow access to single users to unlimited users depending on the package.

You can sign up and use the 30 days trial version before purchasing any of the packages. Bantam Live uses SSL encryption for your data security.

Features of Bantam Live

The exclusive features that Bantam Live offers to its users can be divided into three categories-

  1. Team Collaboration workspace
    • You can monitor your team progress as a stream on the dashboard. This feature allows you to stay connected and interact as per requirement.
    • You can effortlessly update your status, post links, and share your opinion on your team’s update and activities by posting comments.
    • Bantam Live respects your privacy and allows you to send and receive private messages among your colleagues. Multiple people can participate in the conversation as messages are threaded.
    • You can generate events on shared calendars that can be viewed by your teammates. iCal integration lets you publish to other calendars.
    • You can stay in the loop using your Blackberry or iPhone handsets.
    • You can create specific workgroups responsible for particular projects.
    • You can appoint people who can invite more users, build workgroups, delete content, and suspend users.
  2. Contact Management and CRM
    • You can record contacts of people and names of companies in a shared address book.
    • You can maintain a profile page for a contact where you can view conversations, store notes, and files, and allocate tasks and list events for the individual people and companies.
    • You can create ‘Deals’ and maintain a history of your leads, proposals, and your wins and losses to administer your business.
    • Visually analyze your deal flow and sales performance with filterable charts to better understand your team’s sales progress and forecasts.
    • You can maintain analytics for sales revenue.
    • Social networking can be successfully integrated with Bantam Live.
  3. Project and task management
    • You can set up projects, perform task management, share and store files, and send alerts and notifications to your team members.

Bantam Live takes perfect care of your business. It gets your job done in an efficient manner. It guarantees 100% user satisfaction.

Download: Bantam Live – social CRM tool

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