BatchBook – Social CRM tool for Gmail

BatchBook is a customizable, Web-based social CRM tool for Gmail.

it’s specially designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs to organize their contact data and keep track social networking activity of anyone who emails you right in the context of the email.


it’s a social CRM tool for Gmail, which easily integrated into Gmail interface, so Gmail user can easily manage their growing network of customers, sales opportunities and easily track social media interactions directly from Gmail.

Even You can create a flexible, easy-to-use contact database from scratch, or import your contacts from an existing system.

Features of BatchBook

  1. Custom data management
  2. Sync groups or all of your BatchBook contacts with your Gmail account.
  3. Maintain customer lists in BatchBook and automatically update them in Gmail.
  4. Easy to track social media activity of your customers.
  5. Integrates with other small business web apps
  6. Highly customizable Dashboard, custom fields, and reporting
  7. To-Do list
  8. Lists & Reports
  9. Customizable web forms

Download: BatchBook

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