BeamYourScreen – Free Desktop Sharing and Online Meetings software

The beamyourscreen is a fantastic desktop sharing software that you can use for sharing your desktop screen content in your computer over the web with people from all over the world.


Such a software is especially ideal for the purpose of online meetings. Anything that you are able to see on your computer screen, your colleagues or acquaintances on the internet will also be able to view.

The beamyourscreen software is free and easy to download. It is also quite secure to use and you need not worry about your computer being damaged by spam or viruses when you use this software .

The beamyourscreen is a marvelous software program that you can use for a wide variety of purposes. You can use it for online meetings, presentations, web conferences, sales demos, online teaching or training and remote support.

You will find this software extremely easy and simple to use. A session organizer will begin your session with only 2 mouse clicks. You will not require any kind of setup.

You will be able to initiate the beamyourscreen session in parallel and ad hoc to an audio conference or a phone call. The product will be executed inside a temporary folder.

It will use the standard ports of 443 and 80. You will be able to view the computer screen of the organizer in real time. During the online meetings you will be able to show all the participants of the meeting all the contents in your computer screen live.

Features of BeamYourScreen

  1. Desktop sharing Option : With BeamYourScreen, User up to 20 people can view each other’s computer screen in real time over the web. If you wish to conduct online meetings or conferences where, the number of the participants, are more than twenty five then you will have to get in touch with the product officials for a special package.
  2. Change Presenters : A really convenient aspect of the beamyourscreen product is that each and every participant of the online session could become a presenter. So while you can show your computer screen to all other participants, they will be able to show you’re their computer screens as well. The presenter may also be changed with only one click of the mouse.
  3. Secure Remote Control : The beamyourscreen product is characterized by secure remote control. As a user you will be able to grant remote control right to all other participants. The session organizer will also be able to request remote control when passing the right to make a presentation from one participant to another  at any time with the help of the shortcut keys Ctrl+F12 (for Windows and Linux) or Ctrl+ESC (for Macs).
  4. remote Shortcuts : When you take control of your co-workers computer you can easily send them shortcuts to the remote computer via a couple of buttons in the BeamYourScreen interface. Ctrl+Shift+Esc, Alt+Esc, Win+E use to share your shortcuts on the remote computer and not locally on your computer.
  5. HTML Viewer : HTML viewer allow you to participate an alternative way to login that allows them to participate in an online session even without downloading any software.
  6. Session Scheduler : Easy to plan multiple sessions ahead of time and track them within the session Scheduler. Each and every session have unique ID so user can used them in future occasions. User can store several session IDs in your session scheduler and use them as per your requirement.
  7. Recording and playback option : Record your BeamYourScreen sessions for documentation purpose or review them later. All recorded BeamYourScreen videos are saved in a proprietary format.

Download : BeamYourScreen

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