Beanstalk- Hassle-free private subversion hosting for designers and developers

Beanstalk helps you to maintain your own private Subversion hosting . It lets you setup, browse and keep track of Subversion. Beanstalk is the simplest means to organize code, work in collaboration and distribute work among your colleagues. With a clean and easy to use interface it is sure to attract a number of users around the globe. It has straight forward features which do not require you to go through sets of complicated instructions. Beanstalk is a great time saver.

Beanstalk subversion hosting

Beanstalk keeps you data safe and secured. It performs professional hosting of Git and Subversion. It allows you to view activity of users, browse thorough files and evaluate reports. Beanstalk allows you to coordinate with your co-workers and discuss on common issues. You can review codes and documents together. Beanstalk allows you to incorporate your preferred tools along with this software.

It can be ticketing, communication or any support tools. You can almost instantaneously distribute updates to web servers for testing and production releases. There are 2 types of plans that you can subscribe for- small and personal plan and the business scale plan. These plans cost between $12 and $200 per month depending on the facilities provided. Beanstalk accepts payments through Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Beanstalk has an active 24 hours long support base which constantly provides assistance to its users via chat, mails and ticket. Business plans are given priority in this regard. Beanstalk provides integration with the following applications- Basecamp, Campfire, FogBugz, harvest, Freckle, Lighthouse etc..

Features of Beanstalk

  1. These features are common to all plans. The Git and Subversion repositories are for private access. Beanstalk assures security of your data through 128 SSL encryption over HTTP. Beanstalk also maintains regular backups of data provides by your customers. This way it not only maintains backups but also stores updated versions of all documents.
  2. These features are available with the paid plans only. You can manually assign your documents using the FTP or SFTP to your server. Whenever you request an URL all your data about the commit is automatically posted. Along with the daily offline backup that is maintained local backups and snapshots are taken at an interval of every 5 minutes. This ensures that no details are lost and you have all your required information.
  3. The features specially available to those who subscribe for the Business plan are-
    • Timely backups of your data are maintained.
    • Your files and documents can be allocated to more than one server simultaneously.
    • Your entire repository is obtainable all the time.
  4. You can invite users to collaborate with you. You can edit user permissions so that some files can be kept for private viewing.
  5. You can create repositories, import them or export them easily with out any hassles.

Work assignment comprises of a heavy amount of the work that needs to be done. So if you can keep track of the repository and dynamically keep on assigning work accordingly it is very beneficial. This is why Beanstalk has gained prominence in the recent days.

Download : Beanstalk

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