BEdita – Semantic Content Management Framework

BEdita is an open source Semantic Content Management and Web development framework that enables you to create and manage content, and organize it by semantic rules. With BEdita user can create multiple Web sites at the same time, User can build multimedia archives, implement e-commerce services, printed materials, e-learning systems, and blogs.

BEdita - Semantic Content Management Framework

It’s a object-oriented Semantic Content Management Framework (SCMF), a system where every information is structured as an object with its own properties, its connections and its context. it has two main element one is back-end web application that allow user to handle content and semantic relations, with a modern/ergonomic User interface, featuring chromatic association between object types and second is a front-End API that allow services, specs, conventions to build web, mobile frontend applications, using the native REST/XML interface.

Features of BEdita

  1. Advanced backend Web application to handle contents and their semantic relations; elegant user interface with an innovative design; advanced use of techniques like Ajax and drag’n’drop.
  2. frontend API to create your frontend applications; in BEdita frontend and backend are different applications (for security reasons, efficiency, scalability and design freedom)
  3. ability to create free semantic relations between contents
  4. object-oriented Semantic Content Management Framework. User can easily tagged, geo-tagged, categorized, translated, published content on different nodes.
  5. modular design: specific software modules for different tasks and content types (multimedia, events, news, administration, publishing, addressbook, newsletter,…)
  6. editorial statistics, integration with statistics systems like Google analytics, Piwik or with web server logs data (apache logs)
  7. Support for Internal or External authentication (LDAP, Open ID, SSO systems).
  8. Native REST/XML interface to access and publish data
  9. Unique alphanumeric semantic ID for URLs/apps
  10. complete internationalization: contents and user interface elements in every language.

Download: BEdita

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