The 11 Best Free Chrome VPN Extension You must try

When you need a VPN only for web browsing purposes, you can think about getting a Chrome VPN Extension. That’s because you can install the extension to your Google Chrome web browser and activate the VPN only when there is a need.

However, picking the best Chrome VPN extension can be pretty overwhelming because you see numerous options out there. If you feel overwhelmed with it, you can keep on reading as we will share 11 of the best Chrome VPN extensions available.

1 Windscribe for Chrome

Windscribe - Best Chrome VPN Extension

Windscribe is free of charge ad blocker and a proxy available for you to use. In addition, you will be able to get an open plan with Windscribe, providing 10GB of data transfer per month.

That’s a good deal. However, looking to get unlimited access can look at the paid plans, which offer servers to you in 62 countries.

Download:- Windscribe Chrome Extension

2 Aster VPN

Aster VPN for chrome

If you want to get a VPN extension for Chrome, which is free and fast, you should look at Aster VPN. It will be providing a secure unlimited VPN connection to you.

You can encrypt the connection with this VPN’s help and keep peace of mind while browsing the internet with Chrome.

Download:- Aster VPN

3 Hoxx VPN Proxy for Chrome

Hoxx VPN Proxy for chrome

Hoxx VPN Proxy is the best VPN Chrome extension available for people who wish to unlock the websites they come across on the internet.

You can also think about using Hoxx VPN Proxy to hide the tracks. Based on that, you can easily protect all your personal information while accessing the internet.

Download:- Hoxx VPN Proxy

4 VPN-free. pro for Chrome - Best Chrome VPN Extension

When you want to use a free VPN for Google Chrome that offers unlimited access, you should be taking a look at VPN-Free. Pro.

It will also provide you the chance to remain secure because of the robust protection features offered. You can access any website out there on the internet with this VPN.

Download:- VPN-free. pro

5 VeePN for Chrome

VeePN - Best Chrome VPN Extension

VeePN is quite popular because of the server locations offered along with it. You can make sure that there are server locations in numerous countries.

Hence, accessing geo-restricted websites will be easy to do while using a tool such as VeePN. Therefore, we can highly recommend it to all the people looking for the best VPN Chrome extension.

Download:- VeePN

6 Hola VPN for Chrome

Hola VPN - Best Chrome VPN Extension

Hola VPN is another free VPN available for you to use. When using this VPN, you will receive all the support needed to ensure your privacy online.

On top of that, the VPN will provide unlimited access to the internet. As of now, it has got more than 2,500 different servers all around the world.

Download:- Hola VPN

7 Hide My IP VPN for Chrome

Hide My IP VPN for chrome

Hide My IP VPN is quite a popular and robust VPN option available to use. However, if you are trying to get the best Chrome VPN extension, you can take a look at hiding My IP VPN as well.

It will deliver all the support you need to hide your IP address and unblock the internet. In addition, you can get a high-speed connection with enhanced stability while using this VPN extension.

Download:- Hide My IP VPN

8 VPN Proxy Master for Chrome

VPN Proxy Master

VPN Proxy Master is a great option to recommend to all people trying to figure out the best VPN extension for Chrome.

You can use this VPN absolutely for free, and there is no need to spend even a dime out of your pocket. It will also make sure that no logs existed.

Download:- VPN Proxy Master

9 Azino VPN for Chrome

Azino VPN

If you find a helpful VPN extension for Chrome, which you can use while keeping peace of mind, you can look at Azino VPN.

It will help you ensure your privacy, and it will make sure that no logs run from your side. You can also get one-click easy connect out of this VPN, which is quite helpful.

Download:- Azino VPN

10 Pron VPN for Chrome

Pron VPN  - Best Chrome VPN Extension

Pron VPN is quite a popular VPN available for people who use Google Chrome as their web browser. The main reason behind this VPN’s popularity is that it doesn’t come with any bandwidth restrictions.

You can unblock access and stay away from being tracked after you start using the VPN. In addition, it will deliver the help you need to keep your browser data and location private.

Download:- Pron VPN

11 1 Click Free VPN for Chrome

Free VPN

Free VPN is branding itself as the fastest VPN that you can find for Chrome. That is quite a popular VPN, as well. You can easily pick the desired country and connect with it.

It offers access to numerous servers located all around the world. The lightweight extension will help you get the maximum out of it and get the work done efficiently. On the other hand, Free VPN is providing you the chance to keep your information safe.

Download:- Free VPN


These are some of the best VPN extensions that we can recommend for the Google Chrome users out there. It is up to you to look at the extensions and pick the best one out of them to move forward.

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