Best Folding Pocket Knife for Everyday Use


An everyday carry (EDC) pocket knife can be used for various tasks. Some people use a pocket knife to open items, cut wires, and Backpack Bush crafting.

Some people use it as a hunting and Fishing knife or for outdoor & DIY Activities. Others use it for self-defense, sharpening pencils, and cutting seat belts too.

it is now must-have tools for daily use since it not only perfect for survival needs but also for everyday uses.

If you looking for the best folding pocket knife, here are them. These 10 pocket knife will blow your mind.

what is the Folding Pocket knife?

A pocketknife is a foldable knife with one or more blades that fit inside the handle that can still fit in a pocket. It is also known as a jackknife or a penknife, though a penknife may also be a specific kind of pocketknife. A typical blade length is 5 to 15 CM. – As per Wikipedia

Best Folding Pocket Knife

1 Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD Pocket Knife

Classic SD Pocket Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD is a unique folding pocket knife with scissors and screwdrivers.

The slim and compact body makes it easy to carry anywhere and easily fit in your pocket or hook to your key fob. the Classic SD is the perfect companion for everyone.

Functional enough to save the day, this handy little tool is the perfect sidekick you’ll never want to leave home without.

Classic SD pocket knife equipped with 7 popular instruments such as 1.25″ blade, nail file with screwdriver, scissors, keyring, tweezers, and toothpick – this versatile multi-tool is ready for any adventure.

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2 B-2 BLITZ Small Pocket Knife

B-2 BLITZ Small Pocket Knife

B-2 BLITZ Small ultra lightweight pocket knife is a world smallest Tactical Pocket Knife specially designed to be a chubby style knife featuring a tanto blade.

Inspired by the B-2 Stealth Bomber military aircraft, the B-2 BLITZ Bomber Nano Blade is the last everyday pocket knife you will ever need to carry.

The mini tactical B-2 BLITZ Bomber Nano Blade is designed with precision and detail that allows it to be extremely robust and versatile in every survival situation.

At only 3.7 inches, the B-2 BLITZ is small enough to conceal in any coin pocket.

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3 Zootility WildCard

Zootility WildCard

Zootility WildCard is a credit card size pocket knife made entirely from heat-treated stainless steel, this knife weighs 1.1 ounces and is 2.0 mm thick, only slightly thicker than a credit card, allowing it to be stored in your wallet, or comfortably in your pocket.

it’s a multifunctional pocket knife, you can use them as keychain opener, adjust screws with a portable screwdriver, Prybar, Serrated Edge, and many more.

The unique innovative design makes them an ultra-lightweight pocket knife, that easily fits in your wallet, so you can have it with you every day without bulking up your pockets.

The patent-pending FlyOff technology also enables you to remove the blade quickly, easily, and without any tools.

Separate the blade and put it in the dishwasher to clean. Replace the blade if it ever becomes damaged.

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4 SMTENG Mini Multi-function Folding Knife

SMTENG Mini Multi-function Folding Knife

SMTENG is a multifunctional pocket folding knife that includes Knife Blade, Bottle Opener, Screwdriver, and Lanyard hole at an all-in-one, beautifully designed open frame knife with a fine-edge locking blade that is lightweight, easy to clean and opens effortlessly.

SMTENG folding pocket knife is specially designed to use for Outdoor, Self Defense, Survival, Camping, Hiking, etc..

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5 Smith & Wesson SWFRS

Smith & Wesson SWFRS

The Smith & Wesson 1st Response is a full-featured Liner Lock Folding Pocket Knife made from high carbon stainless steel partially serrated drop point blade with ambidextrous thumb disc.

Its stainless-steel handle with black G-10 inlay, glass breaking tool, a strap cutter, and pocket clip. The knife is basically focused on creating knives that are ready for all situations.

Whether you are a knife collector, survivalist, or a first responder, you can trust that your S& W knife will be the tool you can rely on in any situation.

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6 Husky Folding Lock-Back Utility Knife

Husky Folding Lock-Back Utility Knife

The Husky Folding Lock-Back Utility Knife includes 3 knives and 3 utility blades.

The Folding knife features a quick-change blade mechanism that locks a standard utility blade in place for safety and efficient cutting.

The handle is made of lightweight, durable aluminum for strength and features a convenient folding design. it’s an ideal use for home, office, outdoors, and tracking.

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7 Spring Assisted Knife

Spring Assisted Knife

Assisted Opening knife or Spring Assist knife is a type of knife which uses an internal mechanism to open the blade from a closed position when slight pressure is applied to a thumb-stud or similar type device.

it has a simple and reliable liner-lock that is resistant to dirt and prevents unexpected closure. Equipped with the thumb studs for right and left-hand use.

Perfect tactical pocket knife for everyday use from Camping Edc Hiking Backpack Bushcrafting, Hunting & Fishing, Military & Army needs Outdoor & DIY Activities, Survival, Self Defense, and for Emergencies.

The knife made from black-coated 440C stainless steel which gives you an excellent balance of hardness and corrosion resistance ensures proper operation without sharpening. It provides razor-sharp cutting performance and high durability.

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8 Kershaw Blur

Kershaw Blur

The Kershaw Blur Glassbreaker is a high-performance folding pocket knife with features ideal for unexpected emergencies.

The patented SpeedSafe assisted opening permits quick and easy, one-handed deployment of the partially serrated blade.

The built-in carbide glass breaker into the end of the pocketknife, allowing unhindered accessibility in trapped, underwater, or extreme wreckage situations.

The 6061-T6 anodized aluminum handle features Trac-Tec inserts for secure grip whether in breaking a windshield, cutting the cord, cutting seatbelts, or during everyday handling.

With a big, slightly recurved blade ideal for multitasking, Kershaw Blurs offers amazing slicing and piercing capabilities good for tackling tough jobs.

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9 RoverTac Pocket Knife

RoverTac Pocket Knife

RoverTac is a compact, durable, and multifunctional pocket knife ideal for survival, hunting, camping, fishing, hiking, outdoor activities, and home improvements. The knife is specially designed to tackle almost all tasks in your daily life.


  1. ergonomic design
  2. durable stainless steel construction
  3. secure locking system
  4. lightweight multi-tool integrates 7 convenient tools from the knife blade
  5. needle nose pliers
  6. regular pliers
  7. wirecutter
  8. can opener
  9. bottle opener
  10. Screwdriver Bit Adapter to 9-in-1 Screwdriver set that will make a huge difference

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10 Tac Force Tactical Folding Knife

TAC Force Tactical Folding Knife

The TAC Force TF-705 Series assisted opening tactical folding knife features a 3-1/4-inch, 3-millimeter thick half-serrated stainless steel blade with a 4-1/2-inch closed length.

Offering easy one-handed deployment, this spring-assisted open folding knife locks securely into place with the use of its liner lock.

This knife’s sturdy aluminum handle features a bottle opener and a glass breaker on the end, which can be used to punch out the window of a car in an emergency. It also has a pocket clip for easy and safe carry.

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