9 Best Free Video Editing Software for Mac


Are you looking forward to using your Mac for video editing purposes? Then you should locate the best free video editing software for Mac.

Mac doesn’t come with an in-built video editor. However, you don’t need to worry too much about it because you can find numerous free tools available to use. So please take a look at these tools and start using the best one out of them.

Best Free Video Editing Software for Mac

1 Apple iMovie – Free Mac Video Editing Software

Apple iMovie - Free Video Editing Software for Mac

Apple iMovie is a software developed by Apple for people who wish to use their Macs for video editing.

Therefore, you can even call it the best free video editing software for Mac available as of now. You can create magical movies with the help of this tool.

In other words, your videos edited with this tool would look like the motions that you see in Hollywood movies.

With this software’s help, you can access all your edited videos and start editing on any device like iPad, iPhone, etc.

Download:- Apple iMovie

2 Lightworks – Mac Video Editing Software

Lightworks - Free Video Editing Software for Mac

Lightworks is a comprehensive video editing tool available for you to consider. This tool has existed for numerous years. You can take a look at the simple user interface and download free video editing software for Mac.

It offers an easy-to-use timeline, which you can use for editing purposes, such as trimming. You can get real-time video and audio FX with the tool as well.

Download:- Lightworks for Mac

3 Movavi Video Editor – Video Editing Software for Mac

Movavi Video Editor - Free Video Editing Software for Mac

Movavi Video Editor is an intuitive video editing software available for you to use. It is providing a chance for anyone to proceed with editing videos and sharing moments.

Even if you haven’t tried a video editor in the past, you can use this tool and get the best results with video editing.

Download:- Movavi Editor

4 HitFilm Express for Mac

HitFilm Express - Free Video Editing Software for Mac

HitFilm Express is a popular and widely accepted video editing tool among numerous content creators around the world.

When using HitFilm Express, you will get the opportunity to refrain from using multiple video editing tools. That’s because it provides you with the chance to get numerous video editing work done through its features.

Download:- HitFilm Express

5 VideoProc – Free Video Editing Software for Mac


VideoProc is another one-step video editing tool. You can easily convert the videos from one format to another, adjust the videos, or resize them with this tool’s help.

This software is optimized to accelerate your GPU and deliver faster performance. Hence, you will fall in love with the speed that this tool offers to get your work done.

Download:- VideoProc

6 Davinci Resolve – Mac Video editing software

Davinci Resolve - Free Video Editing Software for Mac

Davinci Resolve is a few video editing tools that can help you with 8K video editing. On the other hand, this tool offers visual effects, color correction, and many other advanced postproduction capabilities.

The device is ideal for professional video editors, VFX artists, and colorists out there. However, due to the availability of features, you cannot call it the most accessible video editing tool for a beginner to use.

Download:- Davinci Resolve

7 Avidemux – Free Video Editing Software for Mac


Avidemux is a simple and essential free video editing software for Mac. You will be able to use this tool and get your basic video editing-related work done.

In other words, you can use it for filtering, cutting, and encoding activities. It is offering support for numerous file formats as well.

If you are a beginner and if you don’t want to make your life complicated with a video editor, this will be the best tool available for your download.

Download:- Avidemux

8 OpenShot – Video Editing Software for Mac

OpenShot - Free Video Editing Software for Mac

OpenShot is a simple video editor. You can even call it the best free video editing software for Mac. However, it is providing you with access to some powerful features.

Some of the features you can get along with this video editing software include trimming videos, slicing videos, adding animations to the videos, and configuring keyframes.

On top of that, many video effects are available to you with this tool, and you can use them to create the best quality videos.

Download:- OpenShot Editor

9 Shotcut Video Editor for Mac

Shotcut - Free Video Editing Software for Mac

The SHORTCUT is an open-source and free video editor. So if you are looking to download free video editing software for Mac, you can pick this option without thinking twice.

It is offering all the necessary video editing capabilities to you. But, on the other hand, you have the chance to edit a variety of video formats with ease while using this tool.

One of the impressive features that you can get out of this tool is device cross-device transfer with editing.

Download:- Shotcut

10 HyperEngine-AV


HyperEngine-AV is a perfect example of an award-winning video editor available for Mac. You will edit the videos and access all essential features such as trimming, cropping, altering audio, and adding text effects onto the video clips. For example, if you require video editing to create a slideshow, you can think about using this tool.

Download:- HyperEngine-AV

Get your hands on one of these free video editors on your Mac, and you will love the performance offered.

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