The 10 Best Free PDF to Word Converter Online

We often come across situations where we have to convert PDF files into Word files. That is because PDF files are not editable. Hence, the best approach available to edit a PDF file would be to convert it into Word.

Here is where you should take a look at the best PDF to Word editors available out there. You can discover numerous such editors as well. However, not all those editors can deliver a smooth and streamlined experience.

That’s where you should stick to a tool that you can rely on at all times. Here are some of the best PDF to Word converter tools that we can recommend.

Best PDF to Word Converter Online

1 SimplyPDF – Convert PDF to Word Online

SimplyPDF - Best PDF to Word Converter Online

SimplyPDF is a reliable and stable PDF to Word converter. It lets you convert PDF files into numerous other file formats, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You will be able to upload the file and then convert it through the online converters. If you have a massive PDF file, but you need to convert only a selected number of pages, SimplyPDF will be a great option available to consider. That’s because it will help you to choose the page range you want to convert and proceed.

Download:-  SimplyPDF

2 PDF2GO – Online tool to convert PDF to Word

PDF2GO - Best pdf to word converter online

The PDF2GO PDF text to Word text converter is something that you can rely on at all times. It will help you to convert PDF into DOC and the documents back into PDF files. You can enter the online PDF files directly into PDF2GO and correct them. Moreover, you can also add your PDF files from Google Drive and Dropbox.

Download:- PDF2GO

3 Online OCR – Convert Scanned PDF to Word

Online OCR

If you are trying to get your hands on an OCR tool online, Online OCR is the best option. If the PDF file has images, you cannot use a traditional PDF-to-text converter and get the conversion job done. Instead, you will have to use an OCR tool. That is where you can use Online OCR. It is compatible with numerous image file formats as well.

Download:- Online OCR

4 PDF Converter – PDF to Word Converter Online

PDF Converter

Any person looking for a simple and straightforward PDF text to Word text converter can look at PDF Converter. You should initially select the PDF that you wish to convert. Then you will have to go through the conversion process and get the conversion job done. This converter is helpful at the time of extracting images, text, and scanned pages via OCR from the PDF file you have.

Download:- PDF Converter

5 Smallpdf – PDF to Word Converter


If you have small-scale PDF files and looking for a tool that you can use to convert them, you will be able to look at Smallpdf. That is a simple and straightforward conversion tool. However, all the features that would come along with the conversion tool would impress you. Hence, you will fall in love with the characteristics of SmallPDF.

Download:- Smallpdf

6 Soda PDF Online

Soda PDF Online

The Soda PDF Online PDF text to word text converter is web-based. You need to follow few simple steps to get the conversion job done with this tool’s help. It is also an efficient tool. In other words, Soda PDF Online will be able to help you to get the Word documents within few seconds. This tool is available for you to use entirely for free.

Download:- Soda PDF Online

7 PDF to Text Converter Online

PDF to Text

PDF to Text is one of the most popular PDF texts to Word text converter tools available out there. You can easily extract textual content from the PDF files and get them into Word with its help. If you have multiple PDF files to be converted into Word, this is the right option available out there to consider.

Download:- PDF to Text

8 PDF Pro – Convert PDF files to Word Document

PDF Pro - PDF to Word Converter

PDF Pro is a professional PDF converter that is in a position to deliver professional results to you. Many people tend to call this the best PDF converter that they can find on the internet. The tool’s rich user experience has contributed a lot to the fact, as mentioned above. You can go through struggle-free and specific expertise to get your PDF conversions done with the help of PDF Pro.

Download:- PDF Pro

9 Online-Convert – Convert PDF file to Word Document

Online Convert - Best PDF to Word Converter Online

Online Convert is another popular tool available to use and get the PDF to Word conversion jobs done. The best thing about this tool is that it is free and can deliver precise results to you. You will not just be able to convert PDF files, but you will also be able to convert HTML files with its help. If you are a complete beginner, you can go through the user manual and learn how to use Online Convert and get the job done.

Download:- Online Convert

10 I Love PDF – Convert PDF to Word

I Love PDF PDF to Word Converter

I love PDF is an intuitive tool that you will be able to use for PDF conversions online. You can pick a PDF file from your computer and proceed with the conversion. Or else, you can drop a PDF file from your Google Drive or Dropbox cloud storage solution as well. Then you can initiate the conversion process and get the job done.

Download:- I Love PDF

Pick the best PDF conversion tool out of this. Make sure that you can recommend it. Then you will be able to receive a superior experience at the end of the day with PDF conversions.

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