11 Best Second Phone Number Apps for Android and iOS


Best Second Phone Number Apps – Having just a single SIM card slot on your mobile phone doesn’t mean that you will not be able to get a second phone number. There are apps in the market that can help you obtain an additional phone number. However, you must ensure that you are getting your hands on the best apps for a second phone number and selecting a reliable one. Here are some of the apps we can recommend to get that functionality.

1 Sideline – Second Phone Number Apps

Sideline  - 10 Best Second Phone Number Apps for Android and iOS

If you are trying to get a second business number, Sideline is a good option. It will provide some fantastic features for you. For example, you can receive high carrier reliability from this app. On the other hand, you can get unlimited calls on the second phone line. Also, messaging capabilities are provided with the app. Therefore, it will help you to secure a perfect experience at any given time.

Download:- AndroidiOS

2 Google Voice

Google Voice

Google Voice is among the most reliable second phone number apps you can discover. This app can deliver a unique experience that you will never forget. You will completely control the functionality offered out of the second phone number. For example, it will automatically filter spam calls, and you will not have to deal with any struggles.

Download:- Android |iOS

3 Flyp – Best Second Phone Number Apps

Flyp - 10 Best Second Phone Number Apps for Android and iOS

Among the second phone number apps, Flyp has received a lot of attention as well. That’s because the app allows you to add up to five different phone numbers from the United States. You can also take control of the calls and determine who can call you and who cannot. You can also pick the area code and ensure the best returns.

Download:- Android |iOS

4 Cloud SIM – Best Second Phone Number Apps

Cloud SIM - 10 Best Second Phone Number Apps for Android and iOS

With Cloud SIM’s help, you can add multiple phone numbers and initiate calls according to your preferences. Most people prefer to use this app for international phone calls. That’s because you can get clear international phone calls with the support available through this app. You can use the app for business or any other purpose.

Download:- Android |iOS

5 Burner – Best Second Phone Number Apps

Burner - 10 Best Second Phone Number Apps for Android and iOS

Using Burner, you will get the easiest and fastest way to access a phone number in the United States. It can help you in many different situations. Most people prefer to rely on this app for their business calls. Since you can get a multi-line subscription, having access to multiple phone numbers at a time is a possibility.

Download:- Android |iOS

6 Hushed – Best Second Phone Number Apps

Hushed - 10 Best Second Phone Number Apps for Android and iOS

You can get your hands on a second phone number along with Hushed, which you can use for calling and texting. Every single number offered to you by Hushed comes with customizable greetings. On top of that, you can access many other features with call routing, call forwarding, and automatic reply. You can also manage multiple phone numbers with the help of Hushed.

Download:- Android |iOS

7 FreeTone – Best Second Phone Number Apps


FreeTone is a simple and easy-to-use app among the best second phone number apps. You can get a phone number and a voicemail account with the help of FreeTone. Another great feature that you can see in FreeTone is that it will provide you with free calling to Canada and the United States without spending any credits. You can also get free SMS with this app.

Download:- Android | iOS

8 TextFree – Best Second Phone Number Apps

TextFree - 10 Best Second Phone Number Apps for Android and iOS

Among the second phone number apps, Text Free is also receiving lots of attention. That’s because it will help you to get your hands on a secondary phone number without any cost. In other words, you can call this a free calling and free texting app. Here is one of the most convenient methods to secure a free phone number in the United States.

Download:- Android | iOS

9 Dingtone – Best Second Phone Number Apps


More than 20 million people around the world are using the Dingtone app. That’s why we considered including it in the list of best apps for second phone numbers. You can also call this a comprehensive all-in-one calling app. It will allow you to get your hands on a number from the United States for free. The premium features offered on your way by Dingtone are unique.

Download:- Android | iOS

10 2ndLine

2nd Line

You can make free voice calls and receive free voice calls with the help of 2ndLine. If you are working with business partners from all around the world, 2ndLine will be a good app available to use. That’s because it offers voicemail transcription services to you. You can also get convenient call-forwarding support with the help of this app.

Download:- Android | iOS

11 CoverMe – Private Text Messaging Apps


CoverMe is known as a private text messaging app. However, you will also get your hands on a secondary phone number out of this app. So, if you are trying to make your phone calls and text messages more secure, this will be a good app available for us to recommend.

Download:- AndroidiOS

Now you know the different methods available for you to follow and get a secondary phone number. So follow these methods and experience all the fantastic benefits that come your way.

FAQ about Second Phone Number Apps

12 What is the best 2nd number app?

In any situation, Hushed is the only secret caller ID app. Hushed provides users with local numbers from over 300 area codes across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, making it ideal for a new phone number. Use Hushed for secret chats and text messages.

13 What is the best free 2nd phone number app?

With 2Number, you can separate your personal and professional lives without buying a second SIM card. In addition, you may make international phone calls and SMS messages without incurring additional fees. With this app, you may create a new phone number to make calls without giving out your basic contact information.

14 Can I use the same number on Android and iPhone?

Could it happen? Sure thing. There is no need to store the phone number (MSISDN) on the SIM card because an identity called IMSI is utilized for all radio network operations instead. Therefore, multiple SIM cards with unique IMSIs and cryptographic authentication secrets can all be linked to the same MSISDN by the mobile operator.

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