The 10 Best Free Slideshow Apps for iOS and Android


You don’t always need to use Microsoft PowerPoint on your computer with making slideshows. There are numerous apps, which will help you with creating slideshows on your Android and iOS devices. You will take a look at these apps and pick the best one out of them according to your preferences. These are the best Slideshow apps that any person can get on a mobile device and use.

10 Best Slideshow Apps for iOS and Android

1 Google Photos

Google Photos - Best Slideshow Apps for iOS and Android

Google Photos acts as a centralized hub to help you with storing your memories. You can keep all your memories in a centralized location while you are using the Google Photos app. If you want to create a slideshow by selecting your favorite photos out of the list, Google Photos would be the most excellent option. You can locate photos faster and save them or share them without facing any struggles with this app’s help.

Download:-  Android | iOS

2 Magisto – Best Slideshow Apps for iOS

Magisto - Best Slideshow Apps for iOS and Android

Magisto is a dedicated slideshow creator app available for people who are using Android and Mac iOS. You need to upload your images and create a slideshow with the help of this app. It will provide you with the chance to pick your preferred music and style while using the app. Then you can create an outstanding slideshow with the help of it. You may customize the slideshows that you start with the use of this app in a convenient manner.

Download:-  Android | iOS

3 SlidePlus

SlidePlus - Best Slideshow Apps for iOS and Android

SlidePlus is a magical slideshow creator app available to get. It offers the most convenient interface for you. Hence, you can think about calling it one of the most outstanding options available among the best Slideshow apps. You need to follow three simple steps while you are using this app to create a slideshow. Then you can create a perfect slideshow with the help of it.

Download:-  Android | iOS

4 MoShow – Best Slideshow Apps

MoShow - Best Slideshow Apps for iOS and Android

MoShow is a fantastic slideshow creator app. It will help you to transform your slideshows into fun and exciting ones with minimum trouble. You can also change your slideshows into attention-grabbing videos with the support offered by this app. The slideshows that you create with the help of this mobile app are ideal for social media. To make life easy for you by creating slideshows, it offers 40 different styles.

Download:-  Android | iOS

5 PicPlayPost – Slideshow Apps for iOS

PicPlayPost - Best Slideshow Apps for iOS and Android

PicPlayPost offers a stunning slideshow creation capability to you. You will be able to use this app and create the best video collages without facing any troubles. On the other hand, you can use the app and create live wallpapers with ease. There are some convenient features available for you to use in the interface. If you can play around with them, you will end up creating a stunning slideshow with minimum trouble.

Download:-  Android | iOS

6 Vimory


Vimory is known as a memory creator app. That’s because lots of people use this app to create memories with their slideshows. You will be able to create stunning social media posts with the help of this app. The slideshows that you make would be ideal for social media. Hence, you can think about uploading them in stories, a news feed, or even to your profile video on social media. There are multiple filters, frames, and special effects available for you to use and enhance the look and feel of the slideshows that you create.

Download:-  Android | iOS

7 Vizmato Slideshow Apps

Vizmato - Best Slideshow Apps for iOS and Android

Vizmato can provide you with a brand new movie-making experience. You can easily create HD-quality videos while you are using this app. You will be able to create slideshows with the app. However, you need to understand that this is not a dedicated slideshow creating an app, and you will have to deal with numerous extra features. However, these additional features will provide you with a perfect slideshow creating an experience for you.

Download:-  Android | iOS

8 Videoshop


Videoshop is a fast and easy slideshow creating an app available for you to use. You can easily personalize the videos you make while using Videoshop and then share them with your friends. You can add trims to the videos and take better control over them. Adding music to the videos directly from Apple Music has transformed this into one of the best slideshow apps available for people who use iPhones. The interface is quite tricky, but you will learn how to get used to it without facing any significant challenges.

Download:-  Android | iOS

9 Movavi Clips Slideshow Apps

Movavi Clips

Movavi Clips is a free video creator that you can use on Android. You will be able to use this app and create stunning videos. Along with those shocking videos, you can create excellent slideshows with the support offered. You don’t have to make any payment to use this slideshow app. You are provided with complete freedom to use it according to your preferences and get the job done without any significant negative consequences.

Download:-  Android | iOS

These are the best slideshow apps that you can use on your iOS or Android device. However, it is essential to note that some of these are OS restricted. In other words, Some slideshow apps are limited only to the Android OS. Hence, you must carefully go through them and pick the best option to receive a perfect experience.

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