9 Best Speedtest.net Alternatives You Must Try


When you want to learn more about internet speed, you visit Speedtest.net. That’s the most popular website for testing speed.

However, it is not the only website of its kind. You can find numerous other Speedtest.net alternatives available out there.

Here are the most prominent alternative options available for you to consider and use instead of Speedtest.net.

9 Best Speedtest.net Alternatives

1 Testmy.net

Testmy.net - Best Speedtest.net Alternatives

The experience offered by TestMy.net is pretty much similar to the knowledge that you can get out of SpeedOf.me.

However, you will be able to focus more on the upload speed and download speed while using this tool.

One of the significant drawbacks of TestMy.net is that there is no download option available to download the speed test results offered.

Visit:- https://testmy.net/

2 Fast.com

Fast.com - Best Speedtest.net Alternatives

If you are looking to get the best alternative for Speedtest.net, you must look at Fast.com. That’s because it is one of the fastest methods available to get your connection speed tested.

The main reason behind the speed offered out of Fast.com is its minimalist and straightforward interface. You can understand the download speed and upload speed by pressing a button while using Fast.com.

Visit:- https://fast.com/

3 OpenSpeedTest

OpenSpeedTest - Best Speedtest.net Alternatives

Openspeedtest is based upon HTML5 as well. Hence, you have the freedom to run this alternative on numerous devices and learn more about the internet connection speeds with minimum struggles.

You will be able to find a unique algorithm available in Openspeedtest. That’s one of the main reasons why we thought about including as an alternative for speedtest.net.

The algorithm is intelligent enough to determine the actual speed that you are receiving from your ISP.

Visit:- http://openspeedtest.com/

4 nPerf

nPerf - Best Speedtest.net Alternatives

nPerf is not the most popular Speedtest.net alternative, but you can still think about using it because of the outstanding experience offered.

If you are only concerned about getting to know about your speed, but nothing else, you can use nPerf. That’s because there are no special features available in nPerf.

Visit:- https://www.nperf.com/en/

5 Xfinity xFi Speed Test

Xfinity xFi Speed Test - Best Speedtest.net Alternatives

XFINITY Speed Test is quite similar to SPeedtest.net. It will be using the time taken for data packets to transfer to determine the speed.

You will be able to change the server’s location that you are using to test the speed while you are using the XFINITY Speed Test.

However, you will not be able to get any download button to download the results you receive out of the XFINITY Speed Test.

Visit:- https://speedtest.xfinity.com/

6 SpeedSmart

SpeedSmart - Best Speedtest.net Alternatives

SpeedSmart is one of the smart Speedtest.net alternatives available for you to consider. That’s because it will take a look at the internet speed and take a look at latency.

Hence, you can end up getting better results while you are using this tool. That is HTML5 based speed test checker. So, you will be able to use it on your mobile phone browser without facing any troubles.

Visit:- https://speedsmart.net/

7 Speedcheck


Speedcheck is quite popular among the people who look for speedtest.net alternatives.

This tool will help you check the internet connection speed, which is quite similar to how Speedtest.net can help you figure that out.

You will be able to find three prominent features offered by Speedcheck. They include download speed check, upload speed check, and latency check. You can gain an advantage out of the clean interface provided by Speedcheck.

Visit:- https://www.speedcheck.org/

8 Speedof.me


When you want to understand better the browsing speed you have, you can think about using SpeedOfMe. That’s because it will help you picture the real world browsing scenario and get the speed measured.

Hence, people who wish to get their hands on an entirely different alternative for Speedtest.net can use SpeedOfMe.

Due to the HTML5 based development of SpeedOfMe, you can use it on your desktop, laptop, or any other mobile device. SpeedOfMe will provide the results to you in the form of a chart.

In this chart, the blue line would refer to the download speed, where the yellow line would guide to upload speed.

Visit:- https://speedof.me/

9 Bandwidth Place

Bandwidth Place

When you are using Bandwidth Place as an alternative for speedtest.net, it will send a packet request to one of the selected servers.

It will do via an aping tool. Based on that, you can end up getting to know about the connection speed.

You will be able to get a precise understanding of your connection speed while using Bandwidth Place.

That’s because it will do some internal calculations based on the response time of the request to calculate the download speed and upload speed.

Visit:- https://www.bandwidthplace.com/

Take a look at any of these speedtest.net alternatives to check your internet connection speed with ease.

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