10 Best Twitter Apps for Android

Twitter is one of the best social networking websites on the internet. Most of we people are having our accounts registered with twitter and also take out time from our daily routine to tweet once or twice.

As smartphones come with a lot of apps there are also some apps which are for twitter. Today we are going to share some of the best clients that you can use for accessing twitter on your android smartphone.

10 Best Twitter Apps for Android
Best Twitter Apps for Android

  1. Twitter for Android

    The very first app which makes to our list is Twitter official App for Android. it is official app launched by twitter and works flawlessly on all android smartphones. Get in touch with all your friends just with the help of one app. get all the Real time updates of your friends you are following instantly on your timeline. Follow your favorite celebrities and get daily updates about the activities they are doing. Share your photos with your friends, listen to your favorite music and don’t forget to pull legs of your friends by writing funny comments,sending pictures and videos. – Twitter for android

  2. Falcon Pro – Twitter Apps for Android

    The second app which makes to our list is Falcon Pro. Falcon Pro is a premium twitter client which is available for Android in the Google Play Market. Falcon pro is one of the best third party applications for Android smartphones. Get all the notifications directly on your home screen. You can also tweet directly from the notifications bar without even launching the app. The latest version of Falcon Pro comes with some wallpaper inside it which you can choose to theme up the app. – Falcon Pro

  3. Twicca – Twitter Apps for Android

    Twicca is the third party twitter client for android which makes to our list. It is one of the lightest twitter client for android which consume very less processing power and memory space. So, if you are fed-up by using other android clients for Twitter which are consuming a lot of memory space you should definitely give a try to Twicca. features included Tweet, Re-tweet, search, Shorten URL, Post with photo upload, easy to block user, tweet filtering and Geotagging with map preview. – Twicca for android

  4. Carbon Android App for Twitter

    The next twitter client for android is Carbon. Carbon is available for free but it does not supports for tablets still Yet. The dark background adds a dashing effect to your mobile phone. Carbon is a little bit different from other twitter clients. With Carbon you will have all the content of your Twitter profile on your home screen. If you want to see new tweets just tilt the screen and you will see new tweets of the people you are following. You can also watch your favorite videos with the help of inbuilt app browser. Threaded Direct Messages, Rich and fun Conversation View, Rich and HD style for User Profiles, Filters for Hashtags, Users, and Keywords are useful features of Carbon. – Carbon for Twitter

  5. Plume – Twitter App for Android

    Plume is a highly customisable yet beautifully designed twitter client for Android which provide supports for multiple Twitter accounts. You can customize this app as per your requirements. You can also add  different colors to your twitter timeline in the app. Plume come with android home screen widget which brings all the notifications directly to your home screen. features included Lock screen widget, Scrollable widgets to display your twitter timeline on your home screen, Live Streaming, Picture preview and Twitter geo-tagging etc..  – Plume for Twitter

  6. TweetDark – Twitter Apps for Android

    Tweetdark is a free twitter client for android. It is compatible with both smartphones and tablets. Tweetdark also supports landscape mode for android smartphones which brings you a great tweeting experience. You can also integrate your Facebook account in this app and find your Facebook friends who are on twitter. – TweetDark for android

  7. Hootsuite

    The next Twitter client is Hootsuite. Majority of android phone users use this app in their smartphones. This app not only supports Twitter but you can also add Facebook, LinkedIn and accounts of many other social networking websites which is one best feature of this app. Tweet instantly, check-in through foursquare and update your Facebook timeline very easily with the help of this client. You can also manage your Facebook pages using Hootsuite, so you won’t be needing any other app installed on your mobile phone which will help you in managing your Facebook pages. Hootsuite is also available for your PC with different plans and prices to choose from. – HootSuite for android

  8. Robird Twitter Client

    Robird is Holo style twitter client for android smartphones. it has simple yet easy to use user friendly interface which make it easy to access your timeline. Get Push notifications as soon as someone tweets or tags you. You can not only upload one image but can use the multi upload feature to upload more than one image. Also you can use the image preview feature to have a glimpse of the uploaded images. Your timeline will be automatically refreshed after a certain interval of time fetching you the latest updates. Robird is only available for android smartphones but soon it will also be available for android tablets. – Robird for android

  9. Seesmic – Twitter Apps for Android

    Manage two different social networking sites account simultaneously with the help of one android client. Seesmic is available for both Twitter and Facebook. You can use both the social networking websites at the same time. Integrate your twitter account with Facebook and manage all your Facebook pages with admin rights. You can also add a seesmic widget to your home screen which will prevent you from missing any updates you receive. Sooner a update is going to come for the app which will include many new features like geotagging, sharing pictures, auto complete – which will help in remembering your twitter username and many more. – Seesmic for Android

  10. Janetter

    The last app which makes to our list is janetter. Janetter already available for Windows and MAC operating systems and was recently launched for Android. You can bookmark your favorite timelines and quickly have a peek at them. Add more than one account if you are having. Janetter comes with thumbnail feature which will display the photos of the people who have tweeted along with their tweets. Use the Mute feature if you want to hide tweets from some particular people. Janetter is available for free in Google Play store but there is also a paid version available which does not support advertisements and gives you the ability to add up to 7 twitter accounts. – Janetter for Twitter

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