BigAnt Office Messenger – A corporate Instant messaging solutions for enterprises

BigAnt is a full-featured LAN based office messenger that acts as an instant messenger supporting secure group chats, voice chats with video calling, transfer of files, web conferencing and many more.

BigAnt Office Messenger

BigAnt requires a main server installation to which the other computers will be connected (through LAN of course). The server has all the centralized authorities of the clients and administers all the technical configurations.

The clients on the other hand will install the client application which provides a modern messenger interface. The whole setup allows the users (with the app installed) to interact with all those who are connected to the server.

The administrator on the server has full control over any server activities including reviewing of chat logs, searching for messages or attachments, sending out bulletin message, manage various access permissions of documents (shared) and more.

BigAnt also provides remote sharing (desktop) with remote assistance, message encrypt ability, customizing user profiles and logos, etc.

Features of Big Ant

  1. Easy use – The app has a neat look with a familiar interface, thus learning to use this BigAnt messenger is as easy as others. The entire client computer users are connected to the instant messenger server of the company. It doesn’t matter if you are connected over the LAN or you are just connected to internet or even via VPN, you can always stay connected. Moreover, the login account and the password you use can be the same as they are in the Active Directory/LDAP.
  2. Have a Video Group Discussion – You can discuss your work (or whatever you want) among the participants like in real time and can also invite or remove any member any time. Group discussions can be made within the same department, multiple contacts or just select the users manually. You can also keep a record of the group discussions and take a print out if necessary.
  3. Smarter instant messaging – You can send instant or offline message to the contacts from anywhere and even track if your message has read yet or not. A message log of all these messages will be maintained on both the client computers and the administrating server. You can therefore search any of these messages later print the dialog with a simple click.
  4. Broadcast your messages – Known as the BigAnt’s Bulletin Board, it is an useful tool to notify to your contacts about holding meetings, announce the holiday breaks, sending notices to the employees or just to some selected users/groups. Users can also reply or discuss to such threads, that too in real time.
  5. Transfer or forward files and folders – Big Ant features fast and easy direct transfer and forward or even exchange files or folders. Drag the file and drop it onto the friend you want. And the file is transferred that easily.
  6. Video /Voice chat – The app has the leading VoIP technology of the day allowing smooth and clear video and voice chats via this messenger.

BigAnt Office Messenger with its smart chat features and the smooth and easy interface and the top notch security system for office use, it’s a must for all those corporate guys who spend hours on their office desk.

Download : BigAnt Office Messenger

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