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Blinksale is a great software for dispatching invoices. It also aids in managing payments. It makes these time-consuming tasks simple. It lets you focus on other important areas of your job. It is ideal for attorneys, accountants, designers, IT professionals, software developers, journalists, contractors, engineers, architects, videographers etc. Blinksale is a easiest web-based invoicing system with a smart design. it’s a handy software that treads simple ways to manage your work bulk. It makes invoicing an effortless job.

Blinksale Online Invoicing application

Blinksale lets you send invoices and estimates in an exclusive format. You can customize your invoices and estimates to suit your choices and your business type. You can also include customization with your own CSS or HTML. Blinksale lets you make generation of bills automatic using numerous templates available with the software. You can import your clients from Basecamp and automatically add then in your Basecamp contacts list. There are many versions available for users of different category.

They cost somewhere between $6 and $99 per month. They allow between 6 and unlimited number of invoices to be produced. You can use the 30 day trial version before subscribing for a paid version. All of them let you send PDF invoices, customizable invoices and recurring invoices. Blinksale accepts payment through PayPal gateway. You can send invoices in several currencies. You can allow your co-workers use a single Blinksale account. Blinksale has an active support base which aids its customers in case need arises through phone and email support.

Features of Blinksale

Blinksale has multiple features that contribute to its exclusivity-

  1. Your Blinksale account consists of a dashboard which displays a summary of your latest estimates and invoices and their current status. You can see your overdue or pending invoices at a glance and take quick action.
  2. The estimate feature allows you to draw an anticipatory file for your invoices. You can send it to your client and ask for a review. Once he approves of the estimate you can formally draw up your invoice.
  3. Using Blinksale you do not need to create your estimate and invoice separately. You can simply convert your estimates into invoices. Your estimate is stored in an archive and you are now ready to edit or mail your invoice.
  4. Invoices allow you to charge your clients for the services that you have provided and the hours you have worked for them. You can also demand a late fee. Blinksale allows you to send your invoices as an email, HTML or PDF.
  5. Blinksale allows you to send a thank-you note to your customers. This allows your customers to appreciate your cordial nature. You can choose from different thank-you note templates. You can also design your own customized thank you note.
  6. You can make instant payments to your customers through PayPal. You just have to include the email addresses of your clients to your PayPal account.

Blinksale is the perfect solution for managing invoices. It is a basic software. It never fails to deliver the expected services. It ensures that your work is done properly.

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