Blogmer – Open Source Blogging Software based on CodeIgniter

Blogmer is an open source blogging software based on Codelgniter PHP Framework and using the popular MySQL database back-end to store data. It’s a pure blogging software that specially Developed with simplicity and usability in mind.

Blogmer - Open Source Blogging Software based on CodeIgniter

Unlike other popular blogging systems, Blogmer does not strive to have as many features as possible, but to be one of the easiest and most usable Blogging software, limiting the basic feature set to only the essential. It’s an ideal solution for small to medium-sized websites which require an easy to use blog without the bloat, that produces standards compliant Pages, is secure and easily configurable.

Features of Blogmer

  1. CodeIgniter PHP framework based blog.
  2. Light and compact
  3. Search engine friendly URL’s
  4. Offer Nice clean url’s
  5. Easy to install and run
  6. Support for WYSIWYG Editor
  7. Separated HTML templates from PHP code
  8. Support for most ISO and other character sets
  9. Supports Gzip output compression.(By default off)
  10. Easy to Create/edit/delete comments, categories, posts and pages
  11. User management
  12. Support for RSS Feed
  13. Theme Support
  14. Calendar With active days highlighted
  15. Archive browsing by day, month and year
  16. Instant Publishing
  17. Easy to search articles in Archive
  18. Unlimited number of members possible
  19. Three level of Access Control: guests, members and administrators
  20. E-mail or admin based user activation
  21. Each member has his/her own personal profile page
  22. It’s an Open source project released under MIT License. It means anyone can help to develop it and write additional features, templates, etc.

Limitations :

  1. No Comments Captcha
  2. No Spam Guard
  3. Not Multilanguage Supported.
  4. No Future scheduled posts features and Blogroll section

Download :
Demo :

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