BlooSee – Social network and ocean web mapping site for sailors and sea-lovers

Bloosee is a trip planning guide, pilot guide, and up-to-date global navigation chart for people all over the world having a common passion for traveling and exploring the sea.

It acts as a public forum for people like you to share your experience with all others regarding an adventure.

BlooSee ocean web mapping site

Bloosee also provides you with the answer to some of the most common queries people generally have about surfing and diving spots. It gives you adequate knowledge of the ocean or the sea that you have chosen to explore.

Nature is unpredictable and so it is better to form some idea at least before going deep into its crust. However, Bloosee is not supported by all web browsers.

Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox 3.6+, and Internet Explorer 9 are some of the few that will get you Bloosee. It has been formed by a group of system engineers, developers, and ocean lovers.

Bloosee does not need you to have any prior nautical information to be a part of it. Any person with a fondness for the ocean can join and it will be a free process to get registered.

Sharing a forum that includes a lot of experienced sea navigators, eventually, you will be able to post some personal opinions too on the website that will come in handy for many other people.

Bloosee not only helps you to get some clear idea about the climatic and ocean conditions that you are interested in but also offers some of the best and safe navigation and boat routes that might be quite convenient according to your trip schedule.

Features of BlooSee ocean web mapping site

Bloosee is more than just a global navigation map. It acts as a complete sea guide giving you relevant details concerning sea behavior and climatic forecast. Bloosee has the following features that might help you:

  1. BlooSee – Social network and ocean web mapping site for sailors and sea-lovers
  2. Bloosee will give you an idea about every detail you need to know about your sea destination, be it on the route you take, your preferred hotels and restaurants, etc. special distinct markers highlight you the required information.
  3. It gives you the scope to share all your experience with your friends and fellow travelers over social networking sites. You can give them some idea regarding local specialties, native terms and language and also sightseeing, photographic views and also the safe areas that you might explore in the night.
  4. Bloosee supports ocean videos and audios to be uploaded for better ideas regarding the ocean manner and type.
  5. If you own a boat then you can share your technical and logical expertise with those interested in owning or renting one. You can also improve your knowledge or skills regarding your boat by discussions with pros in the ocean exploration field as well. Bloosee gives you some knowledge of the most recommended and remarkable boats and ships all over the world.
  6. Most of the services offered by Bloosee are free but only a few are exclusively available to members paying some amount for them.

Thus, if you are planning for an ocean trip then Bloosee might prove to be quite helpful.

Download: BlooSee

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