BlueJ – simple java IDE to learn and teach object-oriented programming and Java

BlueJ is an open source Java integrated development environment (IDE) specially designed for educational purpose but also suitable for small-scale software development.


it has simple, easy to use and highly interactive user interface that help you to learn java programming language in a easy way.

it also has built-in editor, compiler, virtual machine and debugger for writing Java programs and also support for a graphical class structure display, graphical and textual editing, allows interactive object creation, testing and incremental application development.

BlueJ is a free and open source software released under GNU general public license. it’s an fully functional development tool, commonly used by schools, colleges, and universities.

Features of BlueJ

  1. Simple representation of object orientation
  2. Easy to use and simple user interface
  3. Object interaction
  4. Simple code pad
  5. supports for regression testing via an integration of JUnit
  6. support for group work via a subset of CVS and Subversion functionality.
  7. Support for Java ME (Micro Edition) projects development and deployment
  8. Flexible extension system
  9. Easy to create executable jar files and applets
  10. multilingual support

Download : BlueJ Java IDE

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