Bontq – cloud-hosted bug and Issue tracking system

Bontq is an efficient bug tracking system. It is a simple and easy to handle project management system. A desktop client is integrated into the Bontq system. It allows you to frame screenshots and make videos so that you can keep track of every minute detail. Bontq is a potent software and is extremely useful in increasing the effectiveness of your business.

bontq bug and Issue tracking system

Bontq provides the perfect solution for all types of bug tacking. It is an effective manager of all categories of projects. It provides the best of both features with respect to speed and consistency. Bontq is a web-based software which allows you to organize projects, identify bugs, manage tasks and maintain documents. Bontq allows you to insert numerous companies and also projects. You can view the progress of all your projects.

You can allocate tasks, send requests and interact with other users about specific projects. You can keep track of bugs and dispense the task of correcting bugs to any member of your team. You can construct different “Wiki” documents with conventional markup and with indefinite storage capacity. You can determine screenshots, and alter and connect related screenshots. Bontq lets you record relevant videos.

Registration is easy and fast, and requires only defining the user name, adding an email address and password. Bontq comes in different packages which costs from 9$ to 99$ per month. You can first use the 30 days trial version and then upgrade to a paid plan. Bontq has a support base to assist its users in case of any difficulties.

Features of Bontq

The features of Bontq can be divided into three major categories-

  1. Bug Tracking
    • You can view the activity of your entire team on the Dashboard.
    • The Bontq tool set consists of the following items- Bug, Feature request, Notice, task, test case and Wiki.
    • There are numerous customisation features in Bontq. Customisation can be achieved according to priorities and tags, sequences and labels.
    • Any kind of changes will be updated to you through emails. Bontq does not fail to keep track of any changes in your project.
  2. Project management
    • You can create unlimited number of companies using Bontq. Under each company you can select users, projects and classified items.
    • You can assemble reports with every detail and customise these reports according to your requirements.
    • Bontq allows you to attach Google documents to your files.
    • Bontq allows you to switch to FogBugz and Basecamp.
  3. Desktop Application
    • You can record screenshots, note the bugs and remove them.
    • You can record videos for simple demonstration.
    • You can use the Project Browser to browse through the entire list of your companies, Projects under them and Bugs identified.

Bontq makes your managing your business easier through its exclusive bug tracking system. Its Project management capabilities are commendable. Bontq is a basic software which guarantees complete customer satisfaction. It will surely get your job done.

Download : Bontq – issue tracking & project management system

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