Build cross platform Ruby Desktop Applications with Bowline


Bowline is an open source Ruby GUI framework that allow you to build cross platform Desktop Applications with Ruby, HTML and JavaScript.

bowline - open source Ruby GUI framework

The Framework specially designed to make building desktop applications as simple as building Rails websites. Bowline respects Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern, It means developer can easily design your views in HTML5/CSS3 – then bind them to your Ruby models.

There’s no request/response cycle – any changes in models automatically get reflected in the view. Compared to other Ruby desktop frameworks, such as Shoes, Bowline’s strengths are its adherence to MVC and use of HTML/JavaScript. it also takes inspiration from Flex through its binders.

Features of Bowline – open source Ruby GUI framework

  1. Follow Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern
  2. Uses Webkit Window to take advantage of all those nice CSS3 and HTML5 features
  3. View in HTML/JavaScript.
  4. Binding between HTML & Ruby
  5. Cross platform tool (OSX & Ubuntu) – Windows soon

Requirements :

  1. Mac OSX >=10.5 or Ubuntu
  2. Ruby 1.9
  3. Bowline Gem

Download : Bowline – Ruby/JS GUI and Binding framework
Website : Bowline – Ruby GUI and Binding framework

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